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Gustard R26
@balooo2  A streamer you can’t easily use! What is hard about plugging in a wifi extender. Run a piece of cat 6 to the R26, download Jplay and you are up and running using a lan port that sounds fantastic. If you don’t wan lan R26 has Bluetooth, ... 
Recommended Server?
@kota1  what is your cut on these? I have read multiple threads to see you post this over and over with nothing else to add. You are turning into advertising spam.   
Jazz like this? Suggestions
I you cue up one of their albums and let it play to the end and let Qobuz go on it will start playing random artists that they feel are of the same. I have found some new bands doing this. Another would be using pandora by making the artist the st... 
Why do I need a switch?
If you want to start small install fiber media converters. They not only eliminate the noise that cat6 will pick up but they also isolate for surge protection. You can be all in for $60. New Egg has great options search fmc.  
Dark Horse DAC
@nnsixx Dont pass judgement on the R26 until if has 200 hours on it. First listen it will be bright, then over bass and a bit muddy, going back to bright until the 200 hour point where it starts to breathe with tight bass and smooth highs. Also if... 
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
Anything by Rory! It still shocks me how many people still do not know of him. UFO Mechanic Michael at his best.  
un-becoming an audiophile
You might want to go down the path of legal weed while listening. The strength of the weed you can get today will remove all ability to be critical and just enjoy the beat. Just be careful as orange Cheeto dust is hard to get off the volume knob!  
Passion, or ..... Precision?
+1 on this subject. The thing to remember back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the sound engineers were producing albums cassettes and 8 tracks so they would sound good over the vast majority of systems (bad car stereos, boom boxes, and Walkman bud hea... 
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
It never stop amazing me how fast a post can evolve from the original question. This one for example was asking how we find time to listen to the system we have spent years putting together to enjoy the music. Now we have to endure people referenc... 
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
It is easy for me. My wife and I do not do anything in the house together. She watch’s all the news a fluff tv that I just walk away from.I set her up with a great tv and comfy chair in our family room. My main system is in basement alone with eve... 
what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?
My Gustard R26. Now that I have owned this for 4 months I would still be pleased if I had paid $6000 for it! $1600 makes me feel like I stole something or am missing something!  
Subwoofer Choice
IMO with your system you need to consider what will play better with your components. One thing that stands out to me when looking at specs is the amp design of the subs. Rel is class A/B and SVS is class D. I tried both and went will the Rel as I... 
Were you an audiophile in the 1980s and 1990s?
Hard to say. Do you call yourself an audiophile when you can recognize good equipment that delivers the sound. You truly enjoy a great band with excellent produced recording. But you can’t afford to buy a system that passes the mustard? I would sa... 
Women Who Rock
I spit the milk out my mouth when I saw someone list Miley Cyrus. Boy how far this forum has fallen.   
What's up with lousy bass on classic rock recordings?
@macg19 LA woman was first Doors album with bass player. All earlier Door had Ray playing bass on keyboard. LA Women is fantastic tic and they never looked back!