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Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?
This hobby is right up there with car collecting for people with stupid money. When you can pay over 200 k only for a piece of wire imo that is nuts. I can say for me it is what is my return on investment judged by my ears and not trying to impres... 
What are your favorite songs or albums for illustrating a deep soundstage?
Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick. It’s one of the best produced albums you can find. Pink Floyd The Wall. From beginning to end the soundstage moves. Pink Floyd should be you go to for bass test. I still have not found better drum production.  
Top two most important sound qualities
Instrument separation at any time I want to be able to pick out an individual instrument and hear it.  Then it’s production. I want the song to sound as a song well produced and dynamic.  
Power conditoner..
@esarhaddon1  we have had similar issues in my area. It was discovered that some apartment complexes had individual certain families each occupying every room. Meaning five to six families living in a single unit. They would steal electricity by ... 
Mobile Fidelity Settlement Update
In todays world what is the most a grievous crime your can inflict on an individual? You can’t hurt their feelings. These people are self proclaimed music experts that were exposed to be novice listeners. When they were exposed to their friends th... 
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
I will not jump on the generalization of all women and thus can can only speak from my experiences. The women I know do like music but it is only a back ground play. They listen in the car, while working out, and while face down in their cell phon... 
Who turns center off when listening to music
My systems are 100% independent of each other. 2 channel and ht do not mix in my home. Many people have mixed them with ht bypass are are very happy but I have made my choice of having two totals separate systems and am very happy.  
Can This Really Matter?
The digital streaming argument is 1’s and 0’s are just that and you can’t change them. Yes this is correct but there are a lot of hitchhikers that will jump on the 1’s and 0’s in the form of noise. Noise in the digital signal path is not noticed u... 
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
If you like I can show you lists of the top 100 classic rock albums that will probable add up to 1000 or so.   
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
Savoy Brown “Hell Bound Train” Bowie “China Girl” Stevie Ray on guitar Tull “Minstrels in the Gallery” AC/ DC “Sin City” Floyd “Pigs on the Wing”    
Ethernet opinions
Use two fiber media converters to clean out all noise and add in lightning protection. I have this using the lan on my dac snd it was one of the best bang for buck upgrade ever. Did the same on my Apple TV snd picture is stunning.  
Airplane Seat Power Ground Loop?
Have you tried a mophie or other brand portable battery charger to extend the laptop life?  
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
@tony1954  +1 very well said and I would add just like we are no representation of what our corrupt, evil, criminal government has become we should not assume that the people of China are too.  
I found audio nirvana....
“Microsoft teams call”. Total garbage!!! My firm moved to this and it has been a disaster of epic proportion. I went out and bought a cheep cell phone and now only give out that number.  
Was I Expecting Too Much
There is a huge difference between “sales” people and people who provide customer service that results in a sale. I would walk away from this store as fast as you can. They have zero interest in their customers outside their wallets. If they are a...