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Tube Amp Suggestions
The Music Reference RM-200 would be an excellent match for your system. It provides in excess of 100 wpc into anything above 4 ohms, and even substantial output into lower impedances. Sonically, it yields a direct, unembellished presentation, with... 
Personal turntable/cartridge evolution
1. 1973-1974 BSR 2400 changer with stock ceramic cartridge2. 1974-1975 BIC 940 changer with Shure M91ED3. 1975-1976 BIC 940 w/Audio Technica cartridge4. 1976-1980 Philips 312 w/several Signet TK7 cartridges5. 1980-1982 Ariston RD11S/SME3019/Signet... 
Watt Puppy 7/Ear 861
I've heard these speakers with a lot of different electronics and I would have to say that your degree of satisfaction would be entirely dependent on your expectations. While I have heard them sound quite beautiful with 17 wpc tube amps, in a smal... 
5 CD's on your current "permanent " rotation.
Masada: Masada 8, Live in SevillaKings of Leon: Youth and Young ManhoodCafe Tecuba: Cuatros CaminosAhmad Jamal: In Search of MomentumPrince: Musicology 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Funny you should mention that! Played old, scratchy versions of Dumbo and Aristocats for my daughter the other night. Finished things off with "Ella and Louis"; her choice! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
•Count Basie - Fancy Pants•Richard Thompson - Mock Tudor•Jay Hoggard - Riverside Dance•Mosaic box of Complete Pacific Jazz sessions of Chet Baker with Russ Freeman 
Best Preamp for under $1750.00
Wright Sound Company WPL20. Pure, unadorned beauty. My overall favorite regardless of $$$$. 
I Hardly Listen to Music Anymore
I know exactly what you are saying and I have a potential remedy. Buy a Henry Kloss Model 1 radio from Tivoli Audio and tune it to your favorite stations. I have a great system that I only have about 30 minutes to an hour a day to listen to. Enter... 
Memories........What made you catch the Audio Bug?
My father's passion for recorded music was the true root of it all. He had a very good mono system (Weathers table, Bogen tube amp and preamp, and Altec speaker) until 1967 when he bought his first stereo (Garrard table, Scott solid state receiver... 
best / worst album cover
Boxer's - Below the BeltSpectacular in its tastelessness. 
Live infectious funk jams....quality recordings
War Live! 
Best Component Ever, for the money
A pair of Vandersteen 1Bs for $200. Mind bogglingly great for the bread. 
AMP-Preamp Combo for Vandersteen 2CE's
Versatile enough that they sound great with everything from NAD integrateds to Jadis separates. Revealing enough that each change along the way is easily heard and appreciated. They sound particularly fine partnered with Rogue and Music Reference ... 
Tube Amplifier for Maggies
I've heard the Music Reference RM-200 sound wonderful with the 1.6s and 3.6s. It is a hybrid unit featuring a solid-state input stage, and a pure tube output stage. Unlike most tube amps, it functions well with low impedance loads. It is also attr... 
Amplifier and preamplifier for Wilson Watt puppy 7
I auditioned the WP7s on a great many systems, and found them to yield a distinct presentation with each. My strongest recommendation to you is that you work with dealers that will permit you to audition the various combinations of equipment at ho...