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Techniques for isolating and comparing a component upgrade or change
@ghdprentice Thanks, I like the 2 week synch idea, I will try that out.  
Techniques for isolating and comparing a component upgrade or change
My system  
Techniques for isolating and comparing a component upgrade or change
Cogent and practical advice, thanks @noromance   
Single vs Bi-wire Speaker Cable
I was drawn to Bi-wire; looked it up in Get Better Sound and went with it on my former Marantz / B&W (IA/Speaker) 2 channel speaker combo.  I was never able to "measure" an improvement, but it gave me peace of mind. I've since upgraded to a M... 
Advice to Newbies
Read Get Better Sound Use the search feature before posting the same questions over and over again (I'm guilty) Consider how you consume sound and where; may influence your design choices  
Creem Magazine is Back!
Link to subscription page: CREEM Subscribe  
Why Music Has Lost it’s Charms (Article)
Small minded article from a small minded author.  Alas, there has never been a time with more musical creativity and new artists then the present. But if you don't know, you don't know.  Time to venture out away from confines of SiriusXM and FM ra... 
My MC 2205 Amplifier is smoking???
Exclusive McIntosh sales and service since 1957; its the only brand they carry: High Fidelity Haven 7650 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier, CA 90602 (562) 698-6103  
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
Well noted @mashif; having spent a significant portion of my career on supply chain technology I would further note that no one culture or region has a monopoly on technology or quality. While TQM (total quality management) concepts have their ori... 
Beware poor sounding media
Another agreement; I have purchased new vinyl that was either physically flawed or reflective of a mediocre mix. Other than QA flaws, some pressings are just better than others; hence the genesis of Betterecords.com. My first reaction was who’d p... 
Why are people paying these stupid tube prices?
Free market capitalism without government price regulation and the individual freedom to purchase, not purchase or find an alternative. Its all good man (Better Call Saul). Vendors should price at what market will allow (that is real price).  Apo... 
Best audiophile earwax removal system?
Local hearing specialist charges $99, it only takes about 5-10min with safe equipment and an expert tech.  No pain and great results. Never thought it was necessary, but glad I did it.  Probably not something needed  more than once a year or so.  
Thinking Hybrid Integrated.
McIntosh MA352; after one year it just gets better and better  
Placement of AMP and Turntable in-between speakers
I agree with all; not just to agree, but it all makes sense. So much depends on the room size, type of equipment, room treatments; maybe even type of music. About a year ago I bought 30min from Jim Smith (Get Better Sound). Nicest man ever; he ... 
Does Formula 1 racing and high end audio go together for anyone else?
Thanks for posting the question; yes it does!  I watch F1 on my AV system which is separate from my 2 channel.  Nothing like cranking it up at the start of the race! I had the chance to finally get to the USGP at COTA last year in Austin TX; whil...