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Smashing Pumpkins reissues
Pretty pumped about the Mellon Collie 4 LP reissue coming soon. I have one pre-ordered. If it sounds as good as the other reissues it'll be a great alternative to spending $300 on an original, even at $90. 
Beatles Reissues on VINYL Finally
I decided to try Past Masters because it's a unique collection I don't have elsewhere (non-LP singles) and I was curious about these reissues. Mine was at 1/2 Price Books of all places. They seem to carry more new vinyl these days. Anyway, I'm ple... 
Your Top 5 Favorite Power Ballads
Just Between You and Me- April WineTwo Steps Behind- Def LeppardTuesday's Gone- Lynyrd SkynyrdBeth- KissLast Train Out of My Heart- Cinderella 
New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?
I agree on the pouch time. Seems pretty unlikely that a record could "over cook" in this thing. I have found some records that aren't fixed by it but the ones that are more than make up for that. 
Best Rock Album in 2012
Dave Mathews Band Away From The World not bad IMO at all. Also enjoying Green Day Uno. Not new music but new reissues, the Blur titles are great. 
APO Doors Reissues
I don't buy Tom Port's Hot Stamers but I do believe in sound variation between different copies even of the same pressing. As I recall from the video, QRP made five sets of stamper plates for each album. I think it's entirely possible that some co... 
Making of the Doors 45RPM Vinyl re-issues
Taylor, I have read of many problems with the Ella and Louis title. I have Shelby Lynn also which has great sound but was not perfectly flat. I used my Vinyl flat on it and it lays flat now and sounds great. I get the impression QRP is having a fe... 
APO Doors Reissues
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'll stay the course with my pre-order of the whole set. When you're dealing with a subjective experience like this multiple viewpoints are helpful although confusing. Both Fremer and the reviewer from "My Vin... 
APO Doors Reissues
Corgy, Your feedback is of interest to me. You're the first truly negative reviewer of these reissues I've come across and I just pre-ordered the whole set. There are differing opinions on Fremer's reviews I suppose but by and large I agree with h... 
Making of the Doors 45RPM Vinyl re-issues
It's funny this thread comes up now because I just pre-ordered this set last night after much debate myself. Corgy's is really the first completely negative feedback I've seen. Fremer thought both Strange Days and the debut were great. Whoever doe... 
What is approx. percentage of your total
I have about 2,000 cleaned and ready to play and maybe a few hundred to clean. Any collection mostly sits on a shelf. Even if I haven't played a particular one in years, it's nice to know there's a nice copy ready when I want it. I also have a har... 
Can you believe this?
Reports of "modern progress" in analogue playback have been greatly exaggerated. Marketing and hype fishes us all in to a degree. What you've found is not crazy IMO. Congratulations, you just pulled your head out of the sand. 
Original prices for LP albums
In the mid 80's most new releases came out at about $8.50 and I remember people older than me complaining about how expensive records had become and how thin and flimsy they were. I normally only bought on sale for $6.50-$6.99. Now I wish I'd boug... 
Acceptable level of hum at max volume?
Stringreen, As I recall, your system is all solid state which is fine. Solid state circuits often are quieter. I've had both tubed and solid state and much prefer the tube sound even if it may not be dead quiet with an ear to the speaker. (who doe... 
APO Doors Reissues
I have the DCCs of Strange Days, The Doors, LA Woman and also the lizard skin box set. As I recall Fremer also gave the lizard skin box a 10/10 rating. It did not come from the original tapes. Has anyone compared these new reissues to that box set?