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Best sounding reggae on analog?
My Uprising and Naty Dread sound great to me. Uprising may actually have the better sound of the two. 
Forgotten heavy bands from late 60's to early 70's
Trapeze. Members went on to Deep Purple and Judas Priest. Medusa may be their best album. 
Just got my Audio Desk Systeme LP cleaner...
Record cleaning belongs in the same pigeon hole as religion and politics. Everyone is free to practice their beliefs. Just keep them to yourself unless you're prepared for endless circular debate. I do find the Audio Desk intriguing and should hav... 
Did anybody try a Boston Audio Mat1 on their VPI
I've had a VPI table (SSM with Rim Drive), and I have the Boston Mat l (and the mat ll) but have never used them together. I think the Boston graphite mats really augment vinyl playback though. Given the reasonable cost, I would say give it a try.... 
Has anybody tried the Reed 3P?
Sarcher, Not yet. I did double check to make sure it was actually ordered and indeed it was. Production seems to take a while. I have a Mint tractor specially made for the 12" version ready to go. It seems like orderring any specialty audio produc... 
Dunlavy SC-IV minus SC-I = a good sub?
I loved the Dunlavy line. I started with the 4's and ended up with the 5's. I really only sold them because they were too big and not attractive enough for my wife when I got married. The SC-5 is a great speaker. I do miss them but the Vandersteen... 
New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?
Rarely has the Vinyl Flat not at least improved a warp for me. In many cases, it eliminates them. I have no experience with 45s but I would assume a properly sized groovy ring would optimize results. 
Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?
I've never heard or seen the 7s but this lean bass observation puzzles me. I've had the 5As for about six years now and lean bass has never been an issue. Bass is actually a strong point. Tight, firm, strong and well defined. There is essentially ... 
Favorite album art?
The Santana debut. The more you examine it the more you find. This would have been an easy one to trip out to in the 70s. May explain why the vinyl is usually trashed when you find one. 
New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?
Bigrod, From what I see you're trying to flatten 7" 45s with the vinyl flat, right? I don't know that they make a 7" groovy ring. If they do, I haven't seen it. If you're using the 12" ring on a 45 I'm not surprised you're befuddled because you've... 
'Time Out' Classic Records vs. Acoustic Sounds
I'd like to see QRP do some quality reissues of titles that are impossible to find or expensive as originals. Time Out, while very good, does not fall into this category. How about Amused to Death? 
Highwater Sound
I met with him a couple years ago and also enjoyed the experience. I went another direction but it had nothing to do with Jeff himself or the gear he sells. 
Audio Desk Record Cleaner-Anyone buy one yet
Almandog, More than one way to skin a cat as they say. That sounds like an affordable method and I'm sure it works. Still, the Audio Desk appeals to me as the least labor intensive method I know of. The only problem now with all the recent attenti... 
Technics SP-10 mkII speed adjustment question
That's one of the best things about the sp-10 tables IMO, their flexibility. As far as the desecration of an heirloom goes, I look at these as my long term tables. I bought them to use and if I can do something to improve the performance it make s... 
Technics SP-10 mkII speed adjustment question
Sorry, that's 3 hours work. I'm on a weekend bike ride to benefit MS with my wife and must subconsciously have bikes on my mind.