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Seeking opinions on best amp match for Aerial20T
My god man. You have already spent a fortune on speakers. Shouldn't your dealer have told you you need to spend another fortune on amplifiers??? Don't look for any great changes from speaker cables or interconnects. That is spending good money aft... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
You don't want to hang on to speakers for life. Life is to short. Technology is changing speaker design, some even for the better, so try some new ones!!!! 
Seeking opinions on best amp match for Aerial20T
Tvad --- Are you coming out to Denver for the Audio Fest in Oct???? 
Please help with speaker choices
Hi Peter. I have been following this blog for a little while. I think I made an entry myself early on. I just want to say to you that I am totally blown away by your gracious response to everyones blogs. You are a model of what civilized behavior ... 
Need Some Expert advice
I am clueless on this one!!! 
Seeking opinions on best amp match for Aerial20T
You might consider Power Modules. Huge dampening factor very good sound and low pricing. They will definitely change the sound of your bass. 
The great myth of the XlR
Jafox Sorry guys to interrupt!!! Not kidding at all. Now that I am in my 60's I have given up the fantasy or should I say the "hype". I just want music to sound like live music. I gave up being a would be reviewer and analyzing details. If you ha... 
Tube Preamps...I'm sold
I think there is a deHavilland Mercury on audiogon. Not balanced though, balanced means more circuitry which is what you don't like about solid state. Chech out their website. 
The great myth of the XlR
Ah the Great Myth!!! I am a dealer for deHavilland electronics, perhaps the finest sounding single ended amplifiers and preamplifiers available. I have yet to find a balanced set up that conveys the music and emotion. It can't be just me, speak up... 
Please help with speaker choices
Looking for speakers to consider. Why not consider coming to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Oct. 12th.13th.and 14th. Cheap flights to Denver,$250+- round trip, Frontier or Jet Blue and others. $35 round trip shuttle to hotel. cheap room rates. Ove... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Boy!! With your system hardly worth the bother to go with the Project. How about the Graham Slee or Dynavector. Stay with the separate phono stage but spend a few more bucks. 
Opportunity to buy the best Preamp... but which?
I do sell Audio Aero!!!!! Probably better than most of the preamps he is looking at. Plus he upgrades his CD Player as well. Is that a problem for you?????? 
Audio Aero Capitol 2
That money might be better spent somewhere else in your system. 
Opportunity to buy the best Preamp... but which?
I would buy an Audio Aero with analogue inputs and volume control. 
Shanling/Music Hall CD Player repair
I like Mitch Singerman in Los Angeles. Honest, good turnaround time if parts are available and also does inexpensive upgrades (you might as well if you are going to keep the player) His number is 310-823-5145