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Art Audio Carissa vs Cary SLI-80
You would get more bang for your buck if you went with other speakers. See if you can find a pair of Harbeth's. A livelier speaker to be sure. Keep you coincidents and compare the two, keep the one you like. 
Transparency: What speakers have it in spades?
Wilson benesch ACT's. The carbon fiber cabinets "shake off" resonance as fast as electrostatics. 
Wilson Benesch Torus subbass system.
I hope you had a chance to read the review of the Torus and the discussing with Carl from Wilson benesh by Jonathan Valin in TAS. Carl is using the largest drivers that produce accurate bass. By accurate he means true to the instruments making the... 
Amps for Avantgarde
Wow!!!! You are so right about ethics. That thought had never occured to me. I just though that I might have a little more knowledge on the subject then most. I beg your forgiveness. 
Cartridge upgrade for SME 20/2A???
The Dynavector Karat is a great cartridge. You might want to upgrade your phono stage or preamp. I have no doubt you will see improvements. 
Amps for Avantgarde
How about an Art Audio PX 25 or deHavilland Ios??? 
Cartridge recommendation?
Get rid of that puppy and spend a few more bucks on a new/used table and cartridge. 
Who makes custom sized BB & granite slabs?
How about looking in the yellow pages under granite kitchen counter tops. The sink cut outs are about 19"X 33". They could probably polish the edges and cut them the size you want for not a lot of money. 
Why doesn't it sound that great???
What has changed is your listening preferences, not the system. It appears you now are ready to relax and enjoy the music. Would a new system be in order??? 
Kind of a dumb question...
The rule of thumb is that there is no rule of thumb. You have to experiment and see which way you like it best, not me or anyone else!!!! 
How can I tell when my phonostage is broken?
Does your preamp have a built in phono stage? Just curious what kind of turntable you have and is your cartridge MM or MC. That makes a big difference. Also what is your phono stage?? And yes by all means give it a kick. After all that if you do n... 
Long Speaker Cables with Tube Amps? Bass Response
Arn't all amps well reviewed. 
B&W 805S vs Wilson Benesch ARC vs Dynaudio S1.4
The WB ARC's are the only speakers you are considering that actually use the latest technology. That is Carbon Fiber rather than wood chips with a bunch of glue. Extreme transparancy, excellent dynamics and un paralled tonal quality. Good resale too. 
VAC Phi 300 or CAT JL2 for the Avalon Vision?
How about the deHavilland GM-70's. You might as well get something really good. 
Attention Vandersteen 5A owners/ amp matches
What is your budget????