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What is the best USED Speaker Under $10,000
Don’t most speakers drop hi frequency when measured off axis? I thought that the Revels actually do this a little less than most due to their waveguide on the tweeter... 
Seeking subwoofer recommendation
+5 for SVS 
Analysis Audio Out of Business?
...for years and years apparently. Why bother having a website at all? 
Audio research
Just don’t place any stock on the ARC supplied sound quality descriptions. As can be expected, each one is at the same time the best thing ever and much better than its predecessor.  
Integrated Amp to match with Magico A3
StringreenThat advice may have been valid 20 years ago but not today. There are MANY good integrated amps at several price points that rival or exceed separates  
Pre and Amp Suggestions
Still settling in, but I’m quite impressed so far. Sounds almost class A but without the heat. The Vitus really locks on to the Revel Studios with an iron grip in the low end but has a wonderful mid neautrality and silky highs. Pleased so far! 
Pre and Amp Suggestions
My Vitus RI-100 arrives Monday. Very excited to get it in the rig! 
SS Preamp to go with Revel Salon 2s
Well, congrats on the Salons, excellent speakers. I’m not sure anything from Emotiva is going to show what these speakers can really do however. You will get many, many opinions about whether to upgrade pre or power first, so I’ll chime right in. ... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Some shorties but goodies from John Hiatt’s big bag of similies;“ ...we rolled that Camaro like a cowboy cigarette...”“...river winding like an old man’s fiddle...””...she was smiling like the last survivor in a lifeboat...” 
Time for an all in one streaming solution
Lumin makes world class streamer/dac combos at pretty much all price points  
Class D Audio
Tom used to be OK. But the stuff that’s been happening has clearly changed him as stuff will sometimes do. Hope he gets passed the stuff and things, I miss the old Tom....you know, pre-stuff. 
Vitus Ri100 with Dyns Good Combo?
I would say that the weak link is the A21. The non JC halo stuff is nice (upper level mid-fi) but not in the same league as the Vitus gear. The RI100 has received very good praise from the reviewing and listening crowd, but they are hard to find i... 
Pre and Amp Suggestions
Redlenses03, what amps did you get the XA60.5?  
Best of the best Integrated amps in 2018
Elizabeth, I think some people just want to simplify things and get off the upgrade express. Integrated amps have come a long way and many of them are justifiably considered 'destination' purchases that provide many of the same qualities of separa... 
Pre and Amp Suggestions
Thanks for all the responses and suggestions, lots to ponder here. It’s likely I will go with either a Continuum S2 or Levinson 585 generally because they are more available. I’m still keen on a Pass INT250 or even harder to come by, a Vitus RI-10...