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Which reviewers and review sites are the ost reliable?
Another vote for A.H. Cordesman. Don’t seem to hear much from him anymore however.  
Speaker Height / Tilt
On the vertical access, you would most likely toe them in toward the center to minimize the side wall reflections that toe out would give you... 
Why do you like ur line array’s
What are some of the most underrated and overrated loudspeakers you’ve auditioned?
avanti1960280 posts08-26-2019 1:51pmoverrated-ATC Dali GoldenEarGamuTDynaudioMonitor AudioRevelFocalunderratedKEF LS50s HarbethSpendorKlipch Heritage 
The Best Compliment You've Gotten On Your Rig?
I have a friend who is a Juno nominated FOH sound guy over one time and he commented on how “clear” the midrange was. He referenced it to a touring VDOSC system driven by Lab Gruppen amps he was using at the time. I consider it a compliment as I h... 
How thick should the front baffle of speakers be?
To the OP, how do mere moving pieces of moving paper cause the your pant legs to flap? The answer is it’s a sum total of the amp, speaker membrane, voice coil, magnet, cabinet and room interaction.  
How thick should the front baffle of speakers be?
I have to agree with jsautter with respect to lossy cabinets. It’s an attempt to make the cabinets sounds “add” to the drivers output in a perceived pleasurable manner. My (admittedly) personal preference is a design that minimizes the cabinet’s -... 
Lumin X1 and headphones amplifier: what to do ?
I have a Lumin  T1 and you really can’t run the balanced and unbalanced outputs both connected. Must be one or the other. Not sure if the X1 is the same or not. Best to check on the Audioshark site, the Lumin designer (Wklie) is a regular on there... 
Cardas Clear Light XLR interconnects Cardas Clear Light speaker cablesPS Audio AC5 and AC3 power 
Speaker wants 100 watt RMS. Is 40 watt tube OK?
You’ll be fine.  
Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?
Brrgrr who was your dealer? I’m considering an Accuphase integrated 
Any Love For Bryston Here?
I don’t know about their more recent pieces, but I always thought their preamps were not great but their amps and digital gear were quite good. 
Thoughts on Anthem MRX 1120 for 2ch
The Anthem 1120 is very similar to the AVM60 i had owned and I thought it was very, very good on 2 channel. The AKM DAC modules are quite musical. Can you do better? For more money you can, but the Anthem stuff is very nice.  
The best looking speakers
Another vote for Sonus Faber. Dali too. 
Pre and Amp Suggestions
Well, here I am circling back here a year later. The Vitus is great but I think I still need to consider either/and a tube front end or class A amp. I think the pre section of the Vitus may be its Achilles heel so to speak (and it is by no means b...