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Vintage Krell
Yeah you’re probably right, they worked great in the 18 months or so I had them though. With a pending marriage and house costs, it was just getting too costly to keep chasing the high end. From the pictures I’ve seen of the insides over the years... 
Vintage Krell
I too fondly remember the KMA 100 mono blocks. Gorgeous sound and my first real entry into the hi end world in the 80s. Had to sell them when I got married, which, upon reflect was the wrong choice..... 
The Frankensteining of Amplifiers
Anotherbob your car analogy is very relevant here. Your car seems to have been done by pros with some carefully selected modifications intended to raise the bar on an already very good performance profile. Other modders seem to just go to the loca... 
So I switched from XLR cables...
Parasound amps are NOT balanced, they use IC conversions on the inputs. The JC1 or JC5 might be different but generally most of them are not differential balanced. 
Buy a $40,000 10 year old amp for $4,000 or new amp for same money?
Who IS this guy? Asks the same question all over the place. 
Fan on Amp Unbeatable
“I have had several amps like the Krell KMA 100 that had fans you couldn’t hear”. I still miss my KMA100s after all these years, my first true high end purchase back in the 80s 
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
The few times I’ve heard Rockports was always impressive and they seem to have a similarity of a “house sound”. You can like them or leave them but at least they are designing to a specific intention. The Wilson stuff is a totally different matter... 
I want a streamer
Geoffkait thanks for contributing exactly nothing to the conversation other than to illustrate your own ignorance.  
Focal Electra BE series
Revel makes some great speakers no doubt 
Esoteric F-07
Audiotroy, I have the T1 and love it but I am also hearing great things about the T2. Is it worth the trade up? BTW, the Lumin room at Axpona with the X1 sounded awesome! 
Revel Ultima Salon 2
That’ll do it  
Focal Electra BE series
Don’t know if the OP is still following this thread or not. I have heard the 1038be at a dealer demo a couple of years ago and they sounded excellent other than some bass bloat which was the room interaction and less than perfect placement. I was ... 
Revel Ultima Salon 2
You will need a significant amp to get the Salons to sing, think 300 watts with lots of current. Small amps just don’t wake this great speaker up. They seem to love the high power class D stuff so you don’t need to break the bank 
What was your favorite speaker at Axpona 2019
The Rockports and the big Focals as well as the MBLs of course 
Serious thoughts about Audio Research LS 27
I had the LS25 Mkii and never really could love it. Maybe I was looking for tube warmth and this one doesn’t have it, the analytical description is apt. Of the ones you mentioned, I would go for the REF3