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Adding a preamp to HT setup
Millercarbon, interesting system, but not everybody wants their system/room to look like a mad scientist's lab. Especially if it is a shared space which so many of us have to accommodate.  
Audioquest thunder vs tornado HC powercords
I have a Thunder and a Tornado. Not sure I could say I hear much of a difference between them. Both sound good and were within $150 of each other in the used market. Using one on source and one on the integrated. 
The shams, scams and dead ends of the High Fidelity hobbie/passion/adiction
+1 Millercarbon! That stuff is like the Goop products Gweneth Paltrow flogs to the brainless 
Anybody have Focal Kanta 2
I think it’s pretty vague to lump all solid state (or tubes for that matter) into one “sound”. There is a wide continuum of sound across either implementation. 
Roon: everything you need to know
Roon is a resource 🐷 pig. Seems like most of the overhead is in the library management functions but some DSP settings really adds to the load as well. 
Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium
Prof,l have been there many times and found no such issues. They were always friendly and accommodating. 
Suggestions for an Amp and/or Preamp.
dclakers OP2 posts02-03-2020 10:43pmI'm located in Kansas Cityin the great state of Kansas? ;)  
Preamps with Dual XLR Outputs
Some of the Audio Research pre’s have dual XLR 
So what's the better deal (honestly)?
I would go with a super expensive paint job on the outriggers... 
Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?
Try a Zeppelin from B&W 
Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101
Supermerio.... your comparison of the Vitus sia 025 to the Diablo is not relevant to the original comparison requested of the RI-101. The SIA-025 is at a higher level than the Vitus “entry level” integrated.  
Amp and Processor
I hate to disagree with millercarbon AGAIN but as others here have mentioned, there are some excellent HT processors which sound outstanding for 2 channel listening. My previous Anthem AVM60 springs to mind and I’m certain many others do as well. ... 
Digital Tone Controls - Roon and Others, really not bad
Miller-DSP is a great feature, but even it can’t make a turntable listenable. Eric-I really like the parametric EQs available in Roon. Haven’t gotten around to creating and using the convolution filters but they seem like a great way to add digita... 
Do you prefer tidy room to messy one with better sound?
I personally could not stand a messy, cluttered listening environment-too distracting. My favourite rooms I see on this forum’s systems pages are the simple, well laid out minimalist (but veeery high quality) systems. My least favourite are the “g... 
What do you think about this statement about "AUDIOPHILE"?
Millercarbon is of course totally wrong in his assumption that speakers are not the biggest influence of a system’s overall sound. It has been proven numerous times that they are. See, everyone has an opinion, it’s the internet kids!