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Node 2i to Lumin D2 using internal DAC
I think your choice of the D2 is a valid one. They offer superior sound without going to a multi box solution. There are obvious benefits to having the streamer and DAC combined. 
Luxman M900u stereo vs Mono setup
Check in on whitecamaross’s thread. He has owned at one time both of these components and actually addresses the mono vs stereo configuration advantages. 
Is a stereo system a tougher sale to young people?
Two channel hi end audio will die out with the boomers (of which I am one). The future generations really don’t care. Much like my dad trying to interest me in coin collecting which was a passion of his, but I had zero interest despite having been... 
Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
+1 on the Salon2s. Hard to beat at the price and reaaaaally hard to beat at the used prices I’ve seen lately. Ejlif is right about the amps though, these ain’t easy to drive (neither are the Wilsons) 
How much of your free time is dedicated to listening to your stereo?
Not retired but single which obviously helps-usually get 2-4 hours a day, more on weekends 
Why go out???
 Peterson is a brilliant fellow with a fierce intellect and intelligence. He’s all over YouTube nowadays, so easy to find him with a quick search. 
Me vs. JL Audio - An open discussion.
asvjerry. No, I’m pretty sure you’ve just told us everything there is to know about you... 
Why go out???
...don’t blame digital, it sounds way better than the low res analogue imbedded on old film tracks ever did. As for Hollywood movies: the dreck they’ve been churning over the last ten years has driven me away from home theatre and movies in genera... 
Me vs. JL Audio - An open discussion.
As an owner of three JL Audio subs (all requiring repair at one time or another (due to the well known cheap-a-- Chinese capacitors in their amps) I must say that they do sound great. if I was starting again though, I’d probably opt for the SVS se... 
Room Correction - Roon + REW (Room EQ Wizard)
I have run a convolution with REW and used it, but it is subtle and I really don’t use it. I suspect my room needs treatments that EQ alone won’t fix 
More questions about dedicated lines
Two 20 amp lines of 10awg on the same phase is enough for 99 percent of installations 
What are you streaming tonight?
King Princess, a bit out of my normal wheelhouse but I saw her on Saturday Night Live the other night and I have been captivated by her album “Cheap Queen” 
What is your most beautiful component?
My Revel Studio2’s 
Vimberg Speakers
I also thought the Vimbergs were one of the best sounding speakers at AXPONA. Makes me wonder just how stunning the parent company Tidal offerings must be. 
ESOTERIC N-01 Replacement For My PS Audio BHK Preamp & Directstream Dac with Brige ll
But at the same price strata, the dCS Bartok offers multiple digital inputs and outputs allowing it to function as a true digital preamp. It also includes a 1st rate headphone amp, ability to use an external clock and also an updatable FPGA ring d...