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Mcintosh MA6900 or MA7000
The MA7000 is of course the beefier unit and will probably put out more current when called for than the MA6900, but I would think the 6900 is plenty of grunt unless you're feeding power hungry speakers that take some crazy impedance dips. (severa... 
HDnet concerts on Dishnetwork?
I have heard about a dozen different concerts on HD Net and they were pretty much all very good sounding (not truly hi-end though). Could be just the way Tom Petty sounds or just this concert. 
Logitech Squeezebox sound compared to CD Player
The SBT hits way above its weight class when used with a high end outboard DAC. For something that costs less than the tax on some people's interconnects, its well worth trying it out. I'm using it with a nice quality DAC and I'm continually impre... 
How Many Audiophiles Have Do You Know?
As an on again, off again 'phile for 35 years, I can honestly say I've never met one in an impromptu social situation unless actively seeking the presence of one - kind of like vampires I think! we're out there but hard to connect even with the in... 
Affordable "audiophile" network player?
SBT is your only and best choice in this range. Don't even think about it, just BUY one! 
subs for Sonus Faber Cremona M floor standing
I am using the JL Audio F110 with what are already essentially "full range" speakers and love it! looking for a second to add to the system, not for overall gain but just smoothing of the room nodes. That being said, I would probably be just as ha... 
Need Some DAC + Headphone Advice
Another alternative to the all in one unit from Peachtree is the Bel Canto integrated with built in DAC. Don't remember the model number but I had heard it was pretty highly rated. 
Looking for DAC for mac min 2000$
if you've considered using firewire, you should absolutely checkout the Weiss DAC2. Used price is right in your wheelhouse. 
Audio Research VT200 Biasing Schematic ETC.
Biasing the small signal tubes is not as bad as it seems. The process is a bit finaky until you get comfortable with it, but I can do mine in about 15 mins with a single digital volt meter. The trick is to check the 60v rail voltages, and switch 2... 
I need help with J River and Squeezebox Touch
The first thing you need to do is setup the directory location where the playlists will be stored. Nothing will work until you do that. You can do this under the "basic settings" header just under the Library location setting. I use the same direc... 
I need help with J River and Squeezebox Touch
I have the same software and hardware. I use the JRMC for ripping to FLAC and will also use it to output via firewire to my DAC for critical listening. However, 95% of the time I use the SBT over a wired connection to send the files. Long story sh... 
Free speaker tweak that's a must do
Don't use red loctite or you'll need a blow torch to loosen them again. stick with blue stuff 
I would feed the M's something a bit better than the S300i integrated. Try taking a look around at some of the older FPB class A series amps. the 200 watter version can be had for under $3000. 
Jitter and 75ohm cable length
I am using a pure silver Neotech coax which is 2 feet long and sounds great. Not sure if 4 feet would sound better or not, suppose I could convince myself of almost anything.... 
Pre-amp with balanced suggestions?
You could also consider a used Audio Research LS-26 which is full truly differential balanced design on all in/outputs. Great unit and within your price range