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Is the Squeezebox Touch complicated?
Its a serious audiophile bargain all around, and relatively easy to setup initially for very good trouble free sound. It will also amply reward a user willing to experiment a bit and adjust/tweak settings. The soundcheck mods are very worthwhile a... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
Macallan 12 year old. Maybe not the best, just the best I can justify the cost of. 
what are your favorite movie soundtracks.
What do you feel?
The Oscar Wilde comment is amazing! Most times, music is a constant backdrop to my day to day life, but others times a mood modifying/uplifting/introspective experience. I remember clearly the first time I heard Barber's Adagio For Stings on a rea... 
Looking for a Balanced XLR output DAC under $1k
Cambridge DAC-Magic or Rega 
Grills ON or Grills OFF?
I leave the grills on my Revel F-32's. I can't hear the slightest difference either way. 
Possible impedance matching issue with subwoofer?
Sgr, As for balanced tube designs, BAT and Audio Research have been using true differential circuits for many years. I'm sure there are others as well as the aforementioned Atmasphere. 
higher or lower gauge for 3-6 feet XLR cables?
20 guage is more than enough. Some would say 28-30g but could be fragile to handle. Solid silver does seem to be the way to go however. I'm very pleased with my homemade XLRs. 
Krell FPB-200 placed in av rack or stand?
Airflow is important for any of the big class A SS amps or any tube amp for that matter. I run mine on the floor with ample clearance on all sides. 
For Krell owners, keeping the amp on all the time?
I usually leave all of my solid state equipment turned on and the 400xi should cause no problems. Now I wouldn't recommend this with Krell's big boy class A type amps due to the idle current draw and heat dissipation issues. 
Warm Interconnect....
Cardas is widely considered to be on the warm side. I would probably ONLY consider buying used with cables. 
Benefits of Buying Used Equipment of Age
Not all equipment technology moves at the same pace. In my own experience amps/preamps might improve considerably only every 20 or more years- witness some of the beloved older stuff here from the big names. For speakers, I would say that 7-10 yea... 
Weiss DAC2 and Minerva V DAC 202
The DAC2 and Minerva are functionally exact in all ways. The faceplate and feet are the only difference. Not sure how the DAC202 differs from these though... 
Best speaker in the $5-10K range. Details below.
Well said Tom! Too bad we can't use this response as a "Sticky" blanket reply for everyone continually asking what's the "best" amp/speaker/cable,etc ad nausium. At best, the answers from well meaning respondents will be whatever THEY bought but d... 
Pure silver wire: solid, stranded or Litz wire?
My only DIY experience with silver is 99.99% 20 guage solid in teflon tubing XLR balanced configuration. Must say, I am pleasantly surprised, really like the sound and simple to construct -not using a shield wire and they are dead quiet.