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Truely Balanced Pre Amps
Sonic Frontiers 
Who makes half size transports thes days?
47 Labs Flatfish 
Top ten tube preamps
I had the original version of the Melody 1688- very rich, organic; full sounding preamp. 
Small monitors good at low listening levels?
I had the same goals as you for my second (bedroom) system, and upon a recommendation from a very knowledgable audiophile buddy, picked up a pair of TAD TSM-300 studio monitors (originally made by Pioneer Electronics), and run them with a 2-watt 4... 
Red Wine, Patek, Audio Zone and Atma Sphere
Gmood1 nailed it- I own the Pateks, and everything he descibes is true- the most pure-sounding; grainless solid state amps I have owned/heard. I run them as balanced monoblocks with a fuly balanced tube preamp, which I feel they need to bring out ... 
TVC Gain effects
The Audiozone Pre-T1 TVC preamp tends to sound a bit better with the additional 6db of gain- don't ask me why... 
CDP's that have Digital Inputs
Sim Audio Eclipse 
Power Cord suggestions
How good would a DCCA power cord be feeding a Hydra from the wall- i.e. is it a high-current-carrying cable, Or more for line level and digital applications? Where have you tried it in your system? 
Dodson Audio - Still in Business?
thanks Phil- that was a good read- glad I stuck with my Audiologic. However, I recently picked up another digital rig, the small but very organic sounding 47 Labs Flatfish- excellent in my 'b' 2-watt 45-based all tube system... 
Dodson Audio - Still in Business?
anyone heard Dodson AND Audio Logic dacs in the same system? I have the Audio Logic 24MXL, but have never heard the Dodson product. 
I want to talk to Wyetech Topaz's owners
I used to own the Topaz amp, and demo'd the Opal pre in my system- what do yo want to know? 
Class D Amps - FM reception
I will chime in on this one- my experience was with the Bel Canto Ref 1000 monos (similar topology)- same problem, even worse- actually made a few of my television stations snowy when the tv was even plugged into the same line conditioner (BPT 2.5... 
SS amp mosfet 'haze' - ever experienced this?
Kalan- thanks for the updates. How are the Gamut M200 monos on the ambient heat factor scale? are they warm to the touch; do they hear up the room? Incidentally, what is the size of your listening room? 
SS amp mosfet 'haze' - ever experienced this?
Kalan- please let us know how the Gamut monos work out for you- curious, how was the Plinius SA-102? Did you have it with the same speakers?? Plinius definitely seems to have their fans as well... btw- I had heard somewhere that the lower-powered ... 
SS amp mosfet 'haze' - ever experienced this?
Cdc:agreed on the bi-polar aspect (and I am not descibing my personality, although my wife may disagree :-). They do have more raw power- case in point- my previous HT system consisted of a few pairs of rather inefficient Totem Mani-2 speakers tha...