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Verity Parsifals to Von schweikert VR4 Gen III ??
if switching to the Von Schweikert lineup, I would be tempted to try what I believe is the 'db99' model? Given the efficiency, they could be driven by low-powered triodes and might provide a somewhat different presentation to the VR4- just a thoug... 
Powerful Push Pull Triode Amplifiers
Altec 1570B monoblocks (when modded by Tom Tutay) using 811's in triode for 160 wpc... 
Quantum Products Symphony Pro
I am 'the friend' above. I have two of them, and they aren't going anywhere... 
Opinions on the Lamm ML 2/2.1 vs. Wyetech Topaz?
I have a Topaz- feel free to send me a note 
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 and Power Condtioners
Balanced Power BPT 2.5 Ultra- no issues 
Affordable anti-jitter device
Assemblage D2D-1 
300B SET Tube Amp recommendations anyone??
Harry- if you can stretch it to ~ $3,600-$3,700 USD, a used Art Audio Jota would be an excellent choice, although it is a stereo amp. A buddy of mine who is local to you and I (just outside of the GTA) has one he may be willing to part with as a p... 
H2O 250 vs Mono's vs Spectron Musician III HELP
second the Topaz recommendation... 
Do you care about the LOOK???
no, only performance matters- the fact that I have considered the Mauve coloured Wyetech Topaz amp for our living room says something :-) Wife doesn't care- "it's ALL ugly" (and I'm paraphrasing) Having said all this, when you have a new baby in t... 
Rush fans on the board ??
Whomever has the biggest, baddest system on the 'Gon needs to invite us Rush fans over and blast 'YYZ' from Moving Pictures :-) 
What do I do with my Pioneer DV-09 DVD Player?
Avguygeorge is right on- depends on your display- I have a very good Loewe CRT, and my DV-09 looks fantastic on it. 
Totem Hawk a underated "Jewel"
5 Mani-2's; Sim Audio Attraction; Theta Dreadnaught- my old HT system- still miss the dynamics... 
Transport & tweaks for audio logic 24MXL
interesting Glai- I don't have that option, as my Vecteur transport offers rca digital out only, no XLR- thanks for the feedback on that though. 
What do you think of a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3
...I should add that we did a shoootout last year at a local dealer and the SF T3/P3 combo beat out a Sim Audio Eclipse (which I used to own) and an ARC CD3 latest version- in fact it beat both handily IMO- **Note- again, this was ONLY when connec... 
What do you think of a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3
Processor 3 is great, but only becomes superb when fed with the propritary i2S digital cable, either from a SF Transport 3, or SFT-1 so equipped...