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Stereophile "confirms" Moncrieff's SACD comments ?
An interesting thread. I wonder if an article like this could kill SACD? So many people believe what they read more than what they hear. Don't tubes measure really awful as well, and yet there's plenty of these characters groovin' to audiophilia? 
Suggestions for a DAC
Bel Canto 1.1 definitely! 
Are you going to buy the Rolling Stones SACDs?
The Early Stones stuff was recorded so poorly (one lp was actually recorded at the wrong speed!). I'm jumping on the ten earliest (excluding live or hits packages--ugh). SACD beats the hell outta 24/192(I've got both), but 24/192 is still so super... 
Bel Canto for Tyler Ref Monitors or others ?
I use the EVO 200.2 with the Tyler Linbrooks. If you're a detail freak (I am) go for it! Don't do Krell (brutish) but Classe and the above recommendation are good as well. I love my BC though, and when I invite friends over they are stunned! 
Can someone recommend a few Joni Michell albums?
While "Blue" is her signature work it is "Hissing On The Summer Lawns" and "Hejira" that really challenge the listener. She stretches the boundaries of mere folk music and simple melody. Consciously artistic (she pushes herself to reinvent herself... 
What are the 5 most overrated rock albums?
Ben, you may be right. That's why I listed it as a combo with the Jam. Paul does indeed seem to have lost his way over the last 4/5 albums, but after the terrific unplugged album I'm hoping for a resurgence. We all get old and boring though. I'm e... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
1. Captain Beefheart (twice the range and twice the emotion of Tom Waits)2. Dean Martin (twice the cool and twice the honesty of Frankie)3. Jackie Gleeson (can make statues cry, that fat guy could sing)Sinatra forever? I suppose so, but so is death. 
What are the 5 most overrated rock albums?
I find this a fascinating thread, and don't really know how to respond, but Duane's got a point. 90% of what we listen to is drivel. What is good is rare and what is ordinary is...well ordinary. Having said that I must admit that I like some truly... 
Tyler Ref Monitors vs. Dynaudio 1.3 MK11
I've heard both and not just for a small amount of time--do yourself a favor and get the Tylers. Both are good, but only one captures the nuances of delicate or complex music. While the MKII will have better slam, the Tylers will give more liquidi... 
What are the 5 most overrated rock albums?
The Wall is a horrific album. One can create all the thematic nuance and depth and still sound boring. A complete rip off of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Jean Paul Satre's No Exit, and too many others to mention. This was Rock's most pretentious excer... 
need help - Cd players
Stehno where can you find a Sony S9000ES for 700 smackers? Do you mean used? Best price I could find was $839. Thanks for responding. 
SACD or MF A3 24 DAC?
I'm in complete agreement. Both the new Sony 777 and the S9000ES sounded better than the Mark Levinson 39 or the top of the line Cary I auditioned. SACD is so analogue-like, it's so sexy--liquid but detailed. I'm sick of having to choose between y... 
Latest SACD News - Very Interesting.
For me a new format is inevitable. I fought like hell to stop cassette and CD, but you know what, the big companies will do what they want and the consumer be damned. They can ignore the consumer because the average consumer is a melon head--compl... 
Advice on DAC/upsampler
I've fallen in love with my Bel Canto DAC 2. I like it better than the MSB (both Gold and Nelson versions) and Perpetual Technologies. I think it's 95% of the Kora Hermes which is now a 1000 bucks more. If you can give it a listen I think you'll b... 
Difference between 24/96 and 24/192
Many thanks guys. Sometimes I don't think I could get any thing done without a push in the right direction from the many fine forum members here.