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I'd like to upgrade my speaker wire
* Belden  
I'd like to upgrade my speaker wire
And yet another vote for Blue Jeans Belen 10 or 12 gauge cable... 
Need your LP purchase assistance
MoFi release of Natalie Merchant “Tigerlilly” is the only vinyl releae of that LP. It’s finally avail from MoFi again right now. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it’s 2xLP @ 45rpm and sounds fantastic 
What is an Audiophile? Here's the list for newbies.
Oh my god! I just continued to laugh aloud alone (my laugh was an average of around between 80 - 90 dB, because I measured it) after reading through those posts! I actually had to use the cue up on my turntable as not to ruin my listening session ... 
Looking to replace my (Mcintosh)
I’d personally keep the McIntosh amp and buy a more efficient pair of speakers. I’m a Tekton and Zu fan myself, but that’s just my 2 cents. 
Tube phono preamp questions
Tablejockey is 100% correct. I own a tube phono preamp, and the tubes in similar phono pres are obviously preamp tubes, hence, phono preamp. Preamp tubes don’t really need to warm up too much at all. It’s power tubes in poweramps that need to warm...