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EAR founder has cancer
Ah, jeez. That’s awful news. He’ll be in my prayers for sure, and I wish him the absolute very best.  
Would you donate a dollar to have these Members Review a Product?
There are reviewers who I trust, and then those who are in it for the wrong reasons, and obviously getting big kickbacks from companies for a good review. We’d be fooling ourselves to think otherwise. YouTube is full of both, and certain ones are ... 
Cartridge misadventures
If it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing with a dangling shirt sleeve to a rather expensive cartridge too, and I doubt you or I are part of any type of audiophile minority. Luckily, you tend to make that mistake only once. Great story... 
Vinyl woes / cartridge upgrade
@millercarbon  Just wanted to let you know that I thought that your description of the magic of vinyl was so on point. @pkatsuleas  Don't give up on your vinyl journey. You’ll get there, and it sounds like you’re well on your way. I would however ... 
Another marketing gimmick?
Like @truthhouse said, check it out on OCD Hi Fi Guy’s YouTube channel before passing judgement. Of course you’re not gonna get the full experience through YouTube, but it gives you an idea of a great sounding Class D amp, which I was skeptical ab... 
MM Cartridge for music on the heavier side
I believe that you’d most likely enjoy a Goldring (1006 up to the 1042), Nagaoka, Grado, or Stanton 681EEE or 881 with a newer JICO or VividLine from LP Tunes / Gear stylus. I own and enjoy all of them.  
Is it a good idea to buy CD players over 10 years old even it is a reliable brand?
Yes, some older CD players from the 80’s and 90’s can sound wonderful. I’ve got both a Sony and a JVC CD player from the 80’s which still work perfectly, although the Sony sounds better and is built like a tank. If you do buy an older CD player, i... 
Trying to find an amp that matches my tastes (aka death metal)
I’d personally look into the Schiit Vidar (or 2 run as monoblocks) and a Freya + with your Zu’s. The Schiit Aegir puts out 20 wpc, but 80 wpc when run as monoblocks. Keeping with Schiit gear will add synergy, and Zu spkrs seem perfect for that com... 
Affordable cables
Blue Jeans cables make some extremely nice interconnects as well as spkr cables.  
Is the Manley Steelhead still relevant?
Absolutely! All Manley gear will always be relevant, IMO. EveAnna is such a passionate audiophile and tube expert. She’s a total rock star. All Manley stuff is made with all top notch components and tubes, as shown here on this Analog Planet vid w... 
Cat jumped on turntable
Yup, Miller Carbon has the right idea. It’ll be much less expensive to have it retipped at Soundsmith. I’ve also gotten a couple of my carts retipped by a guy on eBay, whom I knew before he even started doing work through fleabay. He does excellen... 
There’s a good amount of really nice new turntables which people have pretty much touched on already. Technics, Rega, VPI, Clearaudio, and MoFi are the ones I’d personally check out if I were in the market and are all nice choices.  
Tekton Electron Be
I auditioned close to 20 pairs of speakers going up into the $15-$20K ranges until I heard a pair of Tektons at an old friends place. I immediately thought, this is the sound I’ve been looking for. I’ve been the proud owner of a pair of Tekton Pen... 
Purchased new speakers, need amp suggestion
Sorry, I meant the Schiit Vidar is 100 wpc. The Aegir is 20 wpc, but 80 wpc as monoblocks. 
Purchased new speakers, need amp suggestion
If you’re looking to stay under $1K, I believe the Schiit Aegir is 100 wpc and around $800 or so, but your most likely better off going with the Parasound which has a lot more power, so you’d have plenty of headroom.