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Tube integrated amps -- new Value Leaders?
It's not a "new" value leader but from my personal experience Line Magnetic amps offer much more value lb-for-lb, dollar-for-dollar compared to Raven, PL and the others you list.  In fact my $4K LM805ia outperforms Luxman, Leben, Sugden, Cary, and... 
My Experience With Tekton
so now we’ve morphed into punctuation police and outcries of being exhausted by too many commas? I’m not sure what’s left to go after in this forum. This place has become completely worthless....I’m out 
Why so many tubes?
The speed of your car is not dependent on its cylinder count. But more importantly there is a general relationship between the number of the cylinders and the output horsepower.  It's actually a good analogy. 
Why so many tubes?
You need to use a lot of power tubes if you want crank up the output without putting a really heavy burden on each tube.  So that's why you see the 100w tube amps often use an octet for example.  Not my cup at all as I prefer lower output triode a... 
My Experience With Tekton
I just find it quite bizarre how much vitriol comes from from either side when this brand is discussed. It absolutely is bizarre and was likely created by the hyperbole that was promoted through the narrative of the owner and various promoters... 
My Experience With Tekton
Nobody cares if someone likes or doesn't like their speakers.  What's so conspicuously odd about this whole thread is that someone leads it off by writing:  "I know this is a polarizing discussion point and was thus hesitant to share...".  Serious... 
Matching solid state amps with tube based pre amps
OP has never shared what his/her listening priorities are.  This question is as much about musical/tonal/soundstage qualities one is seeking as much as electronic compatibility.  
My Experience With Tekton
Has anyone ever witnessed any brand or product where someone has to attempt a calculation of serial number progressions in order to defend what a great product it must be? The fact that someone feels this exercise is necessary to defend the produc... 
Then there were 2
My reaction is exactly the same as @atmasphere . What are the speakers will you be pairing? 
The lesser known titles from CTI label jazz from the 70s.   
Devore 0/96 - Integrated AMP help
@kw6   Did you hear the MQ-88uC paired with O/96's specifically?  I own a Leben CS-300xs as well and they both sound good but the Luxman does most things better than the Leben in my room with O/96's - including much more lifelike tonality, air, fi... 
Devore 0/96 - Integrated AMP help
@kw6   You'd be shocked how well the Luxman MQ-88uC pairs with O/96's.  And the MQ-300 pairing is stellar - even more so. 
Peachtree nova 300
harsh, dry, brittle, analytical 
Nova Power Cord Model (M101 silver) Review
Understood @bewgow.  It's important to find our "fastball" in the market and play to our strengths.  Just understand there is often mixed messaging by posters on this forum who promote $3K speakers easily beating out $20K speakers.  Or a $3K integ... 
Speakers recommendations for a Sony Japan golden era Hifi system
KLH Model 5 could be interesting and fun