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Nova Power Cord Model (M101 silver) Review
Based on the narrow participation in this thread I'd estimate the target audience to be 2 to 3 people.  Setting aside the potential for a large margin per unit sold with uber expensive power cables, it seems that a new-to-market cable manufacturer... 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Pretty easy decision here.  I'd be in on Sonos before they went public and Beats before selling to Apple for $3B. 
Out of Their Wheelhouse Genius
Perhaps the best at spending an entire career reinventing himself was David Bowie. 
Mullard E188CC - but with tight bass?
I have the Mullard RTC 7308's as well plus the Amperex 7308's...both from the 60's.  They all sound great but the Mullards do have better bass and deeper extension.  Just keep in mind that compared to 6922's the 7308's have slightly lower gain. I... 
Fidelity vs. Musicality...........Is there a tug of War?
I only care about how something measures, not sounds. ;-) 
Out of Their Wheelhouse Genius
I'm going to "challenge" (in a friendly way of course!) whether any of these artists were ever "out of their wheelhouse".  With such immense talent and a wide range, just because we associate the most commercially successful recordings as "the whe... 
Mullard E188CC - but with tight bass?
The tightest bass is typically associated with Tele's but you give up some midrange warmth...so they don't tick all my boxes  You may want to try the Mazda 7308/E188CC from the early 60s. 
Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL
@audioman58  Fender make a great guitar 🎸 nothing more . One caveat, Fender amps from the 50s and 60s are legendary! 
System recommendations
What kind of sonics are you trying to improve upon with your speakers?  I recall those Dynaudio's leaning to the treble side. 
Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL
As a huge guitar player and owner of a vintage Strat I think this TT looks like the cheesiest thing ever - just based on aesthetics alone.   
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
@no_regrets Couldn't agree more with this! I do not understand how anyone would be able to categorically deny the worthiness of a component that they may have never even heard in their own system, simply because of a certain capacitor, wire, pass... 
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
@sokogear If the phono stage has gain settings up to 60 or 65DB in addition to impedence selections for cartridge flexibility, why do you need an SUT? It would seem logical that more connectors introduce more distortion. @billwojo summed it up ni... 
Which amp would you choose and why - Pass Labs XA-25 or First Watt F8?
I own both. The XA-25 will play a bit louder and more dynamic than the F-8. I listen to the F-8 religiously acct. it sounds more musical, sweeter & more accurate than the XA-25. Plus it is a more intimate sound. All my listening is thru LS 3/5... 
Are Fall Sales Leveling Out in the Used Market?
The housing market appears to be cresting its top and that may be trickling into audio.   
Poor Customer Service
+1 on Underwood....fantastic service on my Equi=Core and Deep=Core products