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Ahhhh...ran a Roofing Company for almost 20 years...Thick skin, hard head and I appreciate direct conversation... No problem   
Wow... is this Audiogon? The last dozen posts or so have been Awesome....    
Audiophilia: Is it the pursuit of audio excellence or just a desire to tinker.
Some refer to it as Tinkering... I like to think of it as Having Read the Manual or a Book on the subject or Learned it On the Job and employing that knowledge to full effect, some times by Trial and Error...  
Do you think driver “break in” is real?
Built a set of speakers in Juiy. They sound different now than then, subjectively Better (now at around 200 hours of use)... as experienced by a 1/2 dozen people in our Vinyl Club, family members and myself. If it is a Placebo Effect, the PE has b... 
Horns with good timbre and tonality?
Coherent Audio Eighteen...  
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
@duckworp +1 Similar to my experience and sage advice...  
Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
Like what You like... Not what Others Tell You to like.  
Annoying trend? New vinyl equalization and compression
Quick story with parrallel links... A few members of our (local and loosley formed) Vinyl Club were treated to a (rarely granted) tour of the newest and largest record pressing plant in Canada, just under two months ago. (We were told they produc... 
The Audiophile Upgrade Easiest to Ignore
I recently built a set of speakers and the best critical advice I have received on placement/positioning has been from an Audio Friend who wears Hearing Aids... Darn It All... those things must be doing something Right!  
Costliest Brainfart
As gut wrenching as all the examples above are... they are still First World Problems. Let's take a moment to appreciate our position in Life...  
Why on earth?
I agreed with your post... and at the same time am surprised by the enthusiasm and righteousness of the "it's on YouTube so is sucks by Definition" crowd  
Why on earth?
@macg19 +1 but... Wow... why does Everything need to be about Absolutism? So... the YouTube audio of a Demo'd item is not the Be All and End All. I am convinced most people who are Audiogon participants are aware of the technical limitations on d... 
What new gear have you just bought?
A pair of Radian 5210 - 10" Coaxial drivers and (realizing my own limitations) a new Crossover pair (designed and made by Solen, Montreal). Many thanks to both Lowes and HD, the new cabinets/insulation/damping and stands are as imagined. Early in ... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
Solid State is for The Masses... Tubes for the Rest of Us.  
Would a real butcher block be going to far?
My Buddy has one of these under his VPI 19. The Block weighs over 200 lbs and it is a Three Man job to re-position. It was out of an old General Store that also sold fresh meat a long time ago.  Solid stand on a Concrete floor.