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Favourite Guitarists
Allan Holdsworth...  
After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
@ghdprentice  As usual, you provide an insightfull prespective and a positive view of all things Audio... for that, I Thank You. (Still impressionable at 4 years younger than you)   
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Last Night: Loreena McKennitt - Troubadors on the Rhine Bach - The Goldberg Variations Glenn Gould Yes - Fragile Symphony No. 41/S No. 88 - Fritz Reiner CSO Gong - Expresso ll    
Has the ASR review/hatchet job on the Musetec MH-DA005 Changed Anyone's Mind?
That review has Not changed my mind about ASR...it is One of, if not The Funniest Satirical reads on the internet... What... they're Serious?... you're kidding... Sorry... My Bad...  
Music for 2022- Is It Just Me Or?..
+1 @dinov  That is ME to a Tee... exact same experience.  
Audio Science Review = Rebuttal and Further Thoughts
This ASR (Science=Measurement=Infallible) argument reminds me somewhat of selling Audio in the late 70's, early 80's and the SPECIFICATION WARS. Customer enters the store...meet and greet... several open ended questions later... no SAE, Harman Ka... 
Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
+1 secretguy +1 tubeguy76    
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Next, there will be an argument for DSP controlled, actively powered, multi-amplifier digital HiFi console stereos... Let me out here please...  
Types of Audiophiles
Please don't make me look into the mirror...  
SUT - electrical theory and practical experience
To answer the OP's question re: what does the SUT do to the sound quality... For what it's worth,I have several phono stages and several active step up devices/ SUTs and generally, the SUTs are quieter and more open (when properly matched etc...)... 
Open Baffle Experience
Just a comment on the arguements and divergent opinions re: Box vs OB Almost Nothing Good comes without a Struggle... OK, continue your jousting...  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
HA... So many great replies... too many to single out.    
Good read: why comparing specifications is pointless
OMG people... Stop Feeding the Trolls!  
Get out and listen!
+1 musicfan2349 Live listening is just awesome....  
PSA: Short Unused Speakers and Subs in the Listening Room
+1 millercarbon Welcome Back....