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Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???
Mitch actually played harmonics and melody with his kit, at least for my ear. Hey! Someone in this thread said that Buddy Rich could not read music. Is that true? 
Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts???
As Charlie has said himself, "I'm not really a very good drummer. My favorite Stones drum parts are on songs where I didn't play!"Ringo has said, "I can keep time but since I'm self taught (usually a not-so-good thing) I can never do the same fill... 
Sonus Faber and Haydn Grand
Haydn's are better looking (especially in Vienna's medium brown cherry - rich and warm) but can sound veiled and a bit lifeless without the right amp. During my home audition a couple of years ago I did not have one of those - I mean, the right am... 
Longest continuous playing songs
A Mac laptop with 1,000+ iTunes through Apple Lossless, with Crossfade Playback set at 10-12 seconds. I can play music for 36 days. 
Mapleshade recordings
"...I've finally reached a point with system where I'm ready to start listening to music..."?? What does that mean??If you are looking for good sounding jazz recordings, there are 100s of remastered CDs from Blue Note, Impulse, Columbia, Verve, Pr... 
TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp
What company is this?? I find no TRL listed in A'gon directory. 
James Blunt out of tune?
No way to know, but it's possible "Bungalow Bill" was meant to sound warped in this way. 
Help me pick out music for a party
Wow..I'm 56 and don't consider it a party without dancing (but then my wife has been teaching ballroom and Latin dance for 25 years). 
XM or Sirius
Both are glutinous examples of aural wallpaper sorry to mix metaphors). Give your central nervous system a break and give your brian something to do - try "Books on Tape" (CD, iPod). Your local library probably has hundreds of them. 
Norah Jones a tinge short
I think Nora is about 5'2". 
Opinions on the single driver Air Tight monitors?
A single driver speaker would have a hard time sounding other than coherent. I do indeed like Air Tight amps - never heard the speaker. 
White Album, when's your last listen?
I think Sony in Japan did remaster them in higher bit rates. The songs from Sgt. Pepper sound the same as on #1s which, I think, is remastered in higher resolution. 
Klaus Dinger-drummer for Neu & Kraftwerk R.I.P.
Yes, but did he ever play on a Mariah Carey record?? 
White Album, when's your last listen?
The Red Trumpet offerings were indeed Japanese pressings which were done (according to what I was told) in 20 or 24 bit resolution. I bought 3 of them and they were light years better (dynamic, proper timbre, openness, transparency, etc) than the ... 
Klaus Dinger-drummer for Neu & Kraftwerk R.I.P.
Uh...somebody died?