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Another band to snub your noses at
Do you mean simply to "snub" or to "thumb your noses at"? 
Anyone catch Robin Trower on tour?
Kenny - I'm thinking the Roy B. concert was probably 30 years ago, at least. 
Are you going to buy the Rolling Stones SACDs?
Wow! Has it been 5 1/2 years since the discs came out? Time does fly (although I thought SACD was a non-starter then). 
i am looking for good small rack
Pia Zadora - "Sex bomb who looks 15, then marries an 80 year old wealthy movie producer. Pouty with thick hair and a nice ass. A teenage Marilyn Monroe." That was her "persona". 
i am looking for good small rack
Nicole KidmanPia Zadora had a great ass, though. (I think Kidman does, too!) 
Zappa plays Zappa
We're Only In It For The MoneyHot RatsOvernight SensationApostropheAnd for fun try "Weasels Ripped My Flesh". 
Hooverphonic anyone?
Slower and more "cooled down" than Pink Floyd? That would be stalled. 
Miles Davis "Sketches Of Spain"
Hmmm...I started buying Columbias (The Byrds) in 1965. I was 13 and noticed by 1969 that every Columbia I bought, whether The Byrds, Dylan, Santana, etc. sounded bad compared to, say, Warner Bros., Reprise, or a bunch of small labels. I remember r... 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
What ever happened to Marakanetz, Sugarbrie, Swampwalker, Natalie, and Sean? 
Compare Large Advent?
Was that guitar amp a Mesa Boogie by chance? 
Spendor S9e or ProAc Response D28
You forgot Boston. 
Spendor S9e or ProAc Response D28
Since much of hard/metal/heavy rock tends to depress the mind, maybe you are just now becoming aware of this and are thinking it's fatigue. 20 years ago a friend saw two therapists because of depression. Both recommended he change types of music s... 
Santana Ultra Disc II 24K Gold by Mobile Fidelity
Double ditto for "Caravanseri". Blew me away in '72 when it came out and the remastered $12.00 CD is excellent. You can probably get one used on Amazon for cheap. I like to play this for visiting friends who make fun of Carlos' Pop persona of the ... 
Treble of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand?
That may be why I found the Haydn to be soft and having restricted dynamics. It actually lulled me to sleep. However, I was using two different tube amps so that may have been at least part of the problem. 
Best Recording of Solo Tambourine
Guys, guys, guys! The tambourine concertos include orchestras such as in the 39 Mozart tamb. concertos. Since we're looking for solo work, we need to seek the sonatas. Mozart, as I recall, only wrote one tamb. sonata. That was after his pet starli...