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Did you see Springsteens latest show???
Gawdbless - Are you saying Europeans are remaining naive? Sarkozy taking 55% of the vote? Chancellor Merkel remaining "highly popular" with the German people? Both Sorkozy and Merkel saying they want to re-establish strong ties to the USA? The BBC... 
Did you see Springsteens latest show???
What are rock & rollers rebelling about? Anyone can do anything they want, say anything they want. When rock & roll and hip-hop cultures are the status quo & mainstream, what in the Hell are they rebelling against? The minority who hap... 
40 yrs ago today, the world got "Experienced"
I think Jimi is actually saying, "May you never hear surf music again...". 
Have you tried SILCLEAR from Mapleshade?
I agree with Mprime except maybe I'd go for XO vodka and Cinaco Anejo tequila (or maybe Don Julio 1942). A good cabernet also helps music sound better. 
What can I drive w/ the 8wpc Air Tight 300B amp?
Had an Air Tight 300B for 4 years. Addictive sound, build quality, cache. Everything on that amp is metal except those stupid EU speaker connnectors. Best speaker I had with the 300B was Merlin TSM-MXs although I'm not a fan of the Merlin "sound".... 
Artists 'SELLING OUT' - can we discuss?
Don't trust anyone UNDER 30. Uh, make that 40. 
AVI Duo or Trio
What is AVI? 
Anyone going to see the Police?
Saw the TV show they did a few months ago to "break in" the world toruing act. During patter in between songs Sting twice mentioned he was 44 years old ("Kinda hard for this 44 year old to remember the words to all the songs" was one of them). Thi... 
Beatles Music
"White Album" - check Amazon and see if there are any Japanese import versions. If so, buy it as chances are real good it's been properly remastered. 
What amp should be used with merlin vsm's?
EAR 890 tube - 70 wts P/P. Can be had used for under $3,500.00. 
Beatles Music
The normal CDs available here in the USA are almost unlistenable - sound quality varies from poor to horrible (Sgt. Peppers). I bought them all in the late 80s and could not finish one.I did buy Japanese import Sgt. Peppers & Revolver from Red... 
Sonus Faber or Aurum Cantus
Pretty sure he's saying the SFs are for music lovers while the ACs are for audiophiles. However, there are lots of different kinds of music and speakers that specialize in some particular types. If I wanted to rock & roll I wouldn't buy Spendors. 
Please go buy "Once" soundtrack CD
Jeez, maybe I'm just stupid or too lazy to more carefully read the thread. What the hell movie are you talking about? 
Any Putumayo fans?
Putumayo has some Latin discs with good Salsas and Cha Chas. 
subs and monitors
Third the REL Strata suggestion. Works excellently (in a corner and set at 32HZ) in my 11 x 13.5 room with Dynaudio Focus 110s.