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Whatmough 303 / 503: Are they as good as they look
I don't think anyone is sure of what you are asking. 
What the Hell Happened?
Thanks to everyone for the responses. I will try everything (I've turned up the humidifier on our furnace, gets cold here in Michigan.). I am using an outboard DAC and will try resetting when/if it happens again. I also have noticed that music sou... 
Which speakers work well with 2A3 Sun Audio or ?
My headphone amp puts out 1/10 of 1 watt! Anyway, make sure you can audition the Soliloquy before buying. I've heard that some changes have been made since it's introduction and the speaker isn't as easy to drive anymore. You could also try Coinci... 
300B Speakers, Reynaud & Reference 3A
Dekay - What is the website address for Cain & Abbey. Tried Google search and didn't finf anything. 
300B Speakers, Reynaud & Reference 3A
Twl...The speaker drivers I listened to were at least 3-4 yrs old. They were both in homemade cabinets. I don't think there are any dealers in my area (Southeastern Michigan) who carry anything with Lowther drivers, don't know how else I could get... 
300B Speakers, Reynaud & Reference 3A
My room is 11 x 13.6 x 8, plaster with cove ceiling, hardwood floor w/ plush carpet and pad. I sit in a relative nearfield (9ft from front plane of the speakers). I have heard two speakers with the Lowther driver, both homemade) and it sounded as ... 
Albertporter only needs 50
I'd also like to get two outlets, if still available. Let me know how to do it and where to mail the check. Thanks. 
why does only one 300b tube glow Blue at the top?
I also have a 300B amp and am on my second set of power tubes. All four burned blue. You might try for advice and they are quite knowledgeable about tubes. 
Albertporter only needs 50
Great concept and execution! I'd like two, if not too late. 
What's your profession? Age?
Insurance claims adjuster, residential fire damage. 51 yrs old. Total system (new retail) value of $16,935.00, including wires. I'm done for a while except I may replace the Creek passive pre-amp with an active. Will never give up my Air Tight 300... 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
Marantz 400OSE 5 disc changer, Perp Tech P-3A (w/ Wright mods) & P-1A DAC and upsampling engine, Creek OBH12 passive remote pre-amp, Air Tight 300B SET stereo amp, ProAc Response 2.5 speakers, and a REL Strata III sub bass system. Cabling is A... 
Blood ,Sweat, & Tears
I second the motion that the remastered CD is quite good. Check it out through an upsampling/interpolating system. Also, this was their 2nd album. As Ivan points out, the first was with Al Kooper and is called "Child is the Father to Man". It also... 
What is the best Beatle Song
All of the above. By the way, anybody know where one could buy the new Japanese CD pressings? I checked Amazon and CD Now and only items listed are from 1998. 
Bi-amping ML Aerius i's.
I was told the same thing (you can't bi-amp, the crossover only allows for bi-wiring) about my ProAc 2.5s. I tried anyway, one amp on tweeter and another on woofer, it worked just fine. 
Cary 805 C
I've not heard Merlins for maybe 10 yrs but I have read they have the qualities I mentioned. The 805s are great amps, I think you have a wide variety of choices. Too bad they're not easy to carry around from store to store!