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SPDIF Coax cable recommendation?
Just got a DH Labs D-750 last week. Nice cable for the money.    
Ultimate stereo nightmare
Keep us informed, I live in southwest CT and may be able to help.  
Is there a remedy?
Maybe start off by tightening the driver fasteners first? The do get a bit loose over time.   
After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
ghd your posts always convey your love of your system and music. You sir are a lucky man and I wish you many happy and healthy years enjoying that.  Tim  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
Someone mentioned space heater, as much as I loved my Threshold amp, that's exactly what it felt like. Very happy with a Mcintosh now, crazy low energy usage and sounds almost as good as a class A or tube amp. Running 24/7 so that's important to m... 
What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
Parasound Zamp3 is my number 1 answer, just love that little sucker. Schiit Saga Pre, simply operation and transparent as can be.    
Personally I'd get a sub or two before you do anything. Tubes or not, it'll reinforce the lower octaves and help create a better soundstage. SVS is very inexpensive for what what you get.   
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Omega Modern CAMS, alnico single driver have the best tone I've ever experienced.    
New equipment
@rvpiano My last comment was in jest, not making fun of you. We've all been there, heck I'm there right now. Tweaking my digital front end like a crackhead 😂. After I get my Sbooster LPS with the Ultra filter for my Qutest next Tuesday I'm puttin... 
New equipment
Hi.....I'm Tim.....and I'm an audiophile.  
Qobuz or Apple Music?
@m_j_s Curious, how is it not convenient? That should be handled seamlessly between your streamer and  
Qobuz or Apple Music?
Started with Tidal and very happy with my switch to Qobuz. I'm even starting to see 24/192 recordings pop up. I also think Qobuz has a slight sound quality advantage. And not to sound like a snob, but Qobuz feels like I'm at the adult table compa... 
Ditch your USB cable for Toslink? Might surprise you!
I didn't mean to preach to the choir 🤐 I have read some pretty outrageous things from naysayers on this site though...especially regarding potential gains with optical cables.   
Ditch your USB cable for Toslink? Might surprise you!
@lordmelton Right! It makes me want to try some of their power and analog cables as well. Their USB cables always seem to be in the mix of cable discussions too. Audio Envy is another company that intrigues me, so many great choices out there.  D... 
Should I add a DDC? Looking for experienced advise please.
@yyzsantabarbara Thanks for posting that link, what a great article!!