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Blue Circle Gear?
I've heard great things about this equipment.  You only live once...  
mint best tractor gone?
He responded.  All is good!  
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
My QL-10 has the UA-7045. @billwojo please let us know, it would be greatly appreciated. From the vinylengine site, " permits low-mass, high-compliance cartridges to accurately track even the most complex groove undulations."  
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
I am also trying to determine effective mass for this this arm.  What cartridges are being used?  Can I get away with a Benz Glider with 15 cu on this arm?  
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
@billwojo  Did you ever have the mold made for the rubber bushing?  I would love to get in on it as well.  I have a mint QL-10 and I repaired it with o-ring, but would obviously like to use the correct part if I could get my hands on one.  
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
I had a similar experience.  My cartridge was done and back in the mail the same day.  It sounds wonderful.  
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
@goose +1. Darlington Labs MP-7 is amazing.  I used to own a JC-3 and Chinook and I would never pay that kind of money again having heard this phono pre.  I like it so much that I have ordered their new head amp, the SU-7.  
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
When you say "refurbishing" are you referring to having the arm rewired?  What else is done?  
mint best tractor gone?
Sorry to renew this thread, but I have sent a couple messages to Yip and have not heard back.  Is he still in business?  
Degritter brand ultrasonic record cleaner
Anyone with a RCM try a noisy record cleaned with RCM and then compared to cleaning after Degritter?  Is it really superior to a RCM in terms of sound quality or is it mainly the convenience factor? 
Disappointment with Pass Labs - I'm looking for something else
The 30.8 is NOT a 30 watt amp.  It is 30 watts of class A, but goes well beyond 30 watts.  It has lots of headroom.  If you are lacking definition and if it sounds muddy, I would say the speakers are what is causing your issue, not the Pass. 
Cartridge recommendation for Pioneer PL-550
@roberjerman do you have a specific model in mind?  Have you heard one on this table? 
Cartridge recommendation for Pioneer PL-550
Thank you @dekay. It is crazy how difficult it is to find such basic information.  I am very confused as there are many people suggesting the Denon DL-110, but according to the resonance calculator, with the cartridge being so light and the compli... 
Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?
I have the Soul Supremes and I think that they are wonderful.  That being said, they are EXTREMELY revealing of a poor source.  
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII
I used it with Zu DW with great results.  I was just thinking today that if I had never moved on from the Dynamo and DWs that I would have been perfectly happy.  Great pairing.