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Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
I’ll report back when everything is set up. Thank you. 
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
Of course I would not mind sharing at all!  For years now, I have been driving my amplifiers without a preamp, directly from my CDP.  I am using an Esoteric K-07.  I used to own Harbeth SHL5+, but in moving toward HE speakers, I decided to try Zu ... 
Purchased new speakers, need amp suggestion
If 1K is your budget, then Parasound is your best bet. 
Amps with meters ...
I realize that an amplifier needs to be presentable, but in MY OPINION, I think that too much attention is paid to aesthetics when it comes to audio equipment.  Especially when it increases the cost of a piece of gear.  And WAF, what a joke! 
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
Charles,Thank you.  I recently decided to go away from inefficient loudspeakers.  After enjoying this hobby for 30+ years, I finally am able to see what I have always been looking for.  The pairing of a SET amp to high efficiency speakers is a lif... 
Amps with meters ...
I feel that meters are distracting.   
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
@charles1dad  which SIT amp did you compare the Frankensteins to?  I demoed a SIT-3 against my Dynamo and the Dynamo was superior in just about every way possible.   
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
Resurrecting an old thread as I just pulled the trigger on Frankensteins, mkIIIs.  I had the Dynamo mkIII with 300b tubes and I was truly blown away by it.  I contacted Israel about upgrading the 300bs and he convinced me to instead put the money ... 
Latest Psvane WE300B-Plus Tubes - Any Feedback?
That is great info!  I am using a Dynamo mkIII which comes with Psvanes. 
Good amp pairing for Zu Dirty Weekend?
Coincident Dynamo working well for me.  Really wanting to scratch the itch for the Frankensteins.  Otherwise, I will keep it! 
Latest Psvane WE300B-Plus Tubes - Any Feedback?
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII
Bumping to the top.  Really enjoying my Dynamo! 
Problem with BAT VK 3000SE
@gnanasekhar are you reading these responses?  The volume is irrelevant.  Swap the tubes!  Jeez!!! 
Pass Labs XA30.8
Have you heard an xa30.8!? It is far more powerful than 30w. It is rated at over 100w a/b into 8 ohms. It can easily drive a 4ohm load. 
Popular new/used SS stereo power amps under $2500?
Hegel, Parasound, Pass X-250 (if you can find one), Pass XA-30.5 (best choice).