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amplifier with volume control
I’ve used passive preamps in the past but they’re quite limited in application due to loading effects. A power amp with volume control would also limit one’s choices. For my application, an integrated amp was a better choice. 
Tripp-Lite Spike Cube
For those who prefer plugging the amp or sub directly into an outlet, the Spike Cube can be plugged into the other outlet of the duplex and still retain the benefits of surge protection and line filtering. The surge components (MOVs) and filter ca... 
Quality 1 meter RCA Interconnects under $100?
In the low-budget category, Mogami Gold interconnects would be my choice. 
ORANGE Fuse rejected
Fuse directionality in an alternating current (AC) application is meaningless. 
The fact that the filters in the Isobar are cascaded (connected in series) could prove to be troublesome with some equipment. Source impedance of the AC supply is increased with this arrangement.. For audio equipment I’d go with Furman. https://ww... 
Tripp-Lite Spike Cube
Update....Since I only had one Spike Cube which was used for the Integrated Amp, I got another one for the Subwoofer. A pleasant surprise was the elimination of a loud thump coming from the sub when the ceiling fan in the next room was turned off.... 
Thinking of adding a sub---maybe not?
One of my better decisions was adding a small sub (Rel T/5i) to augment a pair of Kef LS50 standmounts. It significantly increased the soundstage width and depth and provided some needed body to the music. The little Kefs don't sound so small anym... 
Power cord choice?
@cleeds - HAVE A NICE DAY! 
Power cord choice?
cleeds3,919 posts07-25-2021 10:05am"If you think all power conditioners rely on inductors that compromise PF, you’re mistaken. You're also mistaken if you isolate PF as the most critical factor in delivering full power."You seem to be making som... 
Power cord choice?
cleeds3,918 posts07-25-2021 8:57amturnbowmAn example would be a series-mode surge suppression/conditioner that doesn’t use Power Factor (energy reserve) technology. The result would be reduced dynamics and bass impact due to dynamic current-star... 
What Integrated Amp do You use
Have had a Bryston B60R for 21 years and it continues to impress. Must admit to having a brief affair with a Hegel H90, which made me realize how good the little Brysyon really is. 
Power cord choice?
ghdprentice515 posts07-24-2021 4:40pm"A good power conditioner may improve the sound of your system, it may not… it may have a negative impact. As is nearly always the answer, it depends. It will depend on your power grid and system. Some people... 
Power cord choice?
bigtwin,A good power conditioner does far more to improve sound than an expensive power cable. The Furman Elite/Reference and Audioquest Niagra 3000 (and above) are good examples.  
Power cord choice?
bigtwin,I’ve experimented with Audioquest and Pangea power cables of various flavors on my Bryston B60R Integrated Amp and it doesn’t care what I feed it with. When I think of the cheap service panel, circuit breakers and Romex cable to the outlet... 
Stacking mains conditioners
clearthink,Cascading filters is certainly acceptable, but not power conditioners when surge suppressor components are involved. For enlightenment, talk to Furman tech support.