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Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
The Modwright Truth/ Oppo105 (universal player) is about as good as it gets.And, yes, I have a fantastic vinyl front end and a huge library but do enjoy digital. 
Shipping Heavy Speakers: Freight of FedEx
Most shippers who have experienced damage with FedEx, UPS, and USPS, have repeatedly stated these companies policy is to deny claims. 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
"But the guys on Audio Afcionardo can be snobby at times."So true. When you own $1M audio systems, 3 homes in different parts of the country, a Ferrari, Porsche's, Rolex's, and drink only $350 Scotch, you tend to get a little snobby. It's $25/year... 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
Check out Plenty of Mac fanboys there! 
The value of top end 1080p projection
If the budget is $1500, what would be the recommendation? Screen size:100", 24' throw distance. 
What Power Conditioner to use with the Simaudio
Shunyata Triton with a Typhon and Sigma HC PC. 
Do you always keep the Amplifier powered on
"Electricity in my area costs about $0.006 per kWh."Where do you live?? National average is $0.18/kwh!! Mine is $0.25! 
California Audio Show in San Francisco-Who's going
Jason Victor Sernius writes today in Stereophile:"The 5th annual California Audio Show takes place August 15–17 in the four-star Westin SFO hotel in Millbrae, CA. Easily accessible via the freeway or BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), this smaller-sca... 
Is computer audio a bust?
I should add that the PC or Mac/DAC combo introduces variables that can result in inferior SQ. The Lumin eliminates these variable by combining the computer and the DAC in one housing, with the power supply in another, thereby eliminating the USB ... 
Is computer audio a bust?
"Is computer Audio a Bust?"Is this a serious question?? If so, the one asking is grossly uninformed and/or naive. Computer audio, when properly executed, is well established as a superior source compared to anything but a mega $$ CDP. Well done vi... 
Miracord 50H Turntable
Nostalgia, OK. Sonics-forget it! Buy a used modern turntable, not a changer. 
Most overrated audio manufacturers?
Ayre?? Not my experience! Sound quality, reliability and customer service from Ayre are absolutely superb IMO. All my Ayre gear (and I have a lot) was purchased used, so value is excellent as well. However, I don't like dealing with their dealers. 
What happened to Jfox
Jafox, sorry to hear about your speakers. Today's Sound Labs with the PX technology and the Consumate backplates provide a huge leap in SQ over what they did even just a few years ago. You would be amazed! 
Preamp for Aesthetix / Atma-sphere
Seems there are a lot of suggestions; mine is to audition an Ayre KXR, Can be found used for around $11K. Now that the KXR Twenty is out, maybe less. 
UPgradeing dedicated line components
Romex coming out of the wall, directly connected to an IEC and then the equipment, is a violation of all safety codes, and will void your insurance in the event of a fire.