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Good workout music for baby boomers
As a 62 year old pre-boomer with an eclectic taste in music, I use a 40gb iPod for workouts. Using the shuttle mode with an 11,000 song library, consisting of everything from Glen Gould to Hank Williams, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Cuban, Cajun, Caribbian, ... 
Power conditioning: APS, Eclipse, Velocitor, or ?
I can not speak to the others, but the APS unit improved the performance of every component in my system and took it to a new level. APS has addressed the noise issue and has promised me a replacement unit shortly that should take care of this issue. 
Tonearm for Sota Saphire
The SME V arm ($1800-2,000 used) has long been considered a synergistic match with the Sota Saphire table by audiophiles. Mine is twenty years old, and is still superb. 
APS audiophile regenerator
The APS Purepower 1050 I recently added made a dramatic improvement to an already fine system (Aesthetix, Wolcotts, Sound Labs), which previously ran on 3 dedicated lines, but it also added noticable noise from it's cooling fan. 
New Apple Lossless encoder??
I have a two 3rd generation 40gb iPods (one is used by my wife) and both exhibit a problem with some Apple lossless files. I also play my iTunes library (100gb) through my main system with a Wavelength USB Brick with great results. Apple Lossless ... 
Apple Mini 'puter as a CD jukebox?
Before the Benchmark DAC-1,I was using an M Audio Firewire Audiophile. Results were Ok. The Benchmark, or course, was a great set up. The SPDIF output from the Audiophile created a hum, so I tried the Transit which solved that problem since the To... 
Apple Mini 'puter as a CD jukebox?
My current set-up: G4/iTunes tower>MAudio Transit>Benchmark DAC-1>BAT VK-5SE>Wolcott Presence 220's>Sound Lab M-1's. GREAT results. This morning I tried substituting my XP/iTunes laptop for the G4. VERY inferior sonic results! 
tube amp dilemma with electrostats
I have driven the Acents with an ARC D-115 and they had all the qualities you are looking for. My guess is that any of the ARC tubed amps would do a great job. 
Ph.D. or Cat SL 1
I am using a PHD with a Sumiko Celebation cartridge, BAT 5SE pre, Walcott 220's, Sound Labs M-2's- wonderful! Can't comment on the CAT. Acoustic Sounds sells the PHD with a 30 day return policy.