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Solar Power
If you are on the grid, you probably want a 'grid tied' system, not batteries. A grid tied system allows you to sell your excess energy back to the utility company, while using the grid to draw energy during dark hours. This makes the most economi... 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
I recently moved on from an Aesthetix Rhea to an ARC Phono REF 2SE. The Rhea did have major tube rush which is a common problem but the REF 2 is dead quiet and much more dynamic and detailed. Definitely a big step up, and worth the price. 
What do audiophiles listen in their cars?
As the owner of an extremely great home system, I don't expect anything close in my vehicle, but do choose the best in factory installed systems. Integrated makes sense; after market only invites theft. As a classical lover, XM/Sirius is my choice... 
Soundlab reliable?
"No issues with new models. They will last many, many years. Even the old ones did. I owned several older sets and loved them."I just had an email exchange with Dr. Roger West at SoundLab about this topic, and he confirmed my comments. In fact, he... 
Soundlab reliable?
Also, you should visit the SoundLab Owners Group (SLOG) website to read what others have said. 
Soundlab reliable?
Since the introduction of the 'PX' models about 6 years ago, the reliability issues of the older panels have gone away. The improved rigidity of the cores, stability of the stator wiring, and improved insulation of the stators has almost completel... 
What happened to Jfox
Thank you Jmcgrogan2. That is indeed the person I was referring to. We can only hope Jafox returns as he had a lot of audio wisdom to share, and is a very articulate writer. He is missed indeed. 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
What Zd542 said is absolutely correct. Everything matters! 
Manufacturer Repairs? What is a reasonable time?
It's time to identify this company! Three months is absurd. You will be doing the audiophile community a service. No one should be subject to this kind of abuse. Please send my comment on to this idiot. 
How good is the Ayre DX-5 Universal as a CD player
"The maggies still hold for me, my most memorable audio experience!"You probably haven't had the opportunity to hear Sound Lab's latest large panels properly set up. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
From "Good Night Irene" written by Leadbelly and covered by many including my favorite by Ry Cooder: "Sometime I live in the country, sometime I live in town.Sometimes I have a great notion to jump in the river and drown." 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Since numerous responders have mentioned Sound Lab electrostatics as their choice, I would like to add that they have only continued to improve over the years. The latest improvement is the Toroid II transformer in the back plates, which has incre... 
Mirage speaker setup?
An Adcom 545 amp does a nice job of driving my M-1's. 
Mirage speaker setup?
I've owned Mirage M-1's since 1989, although they have been replaced by even BIGGER speakers, Sound Lab Majestic 945's (9' tall!) Mirage, like all plannars which they mimic, need to be out in the room with space behind them to really be at their b... 
Best speaker for vocals
Full range electrostatics, particularly the larger Sound Labs, do this best. The range of the human voice is such that having absolute coherence (the entire sound coming from one driver) is extremely important for realism. Full range electrostatic...