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Affordable cables
Ok millercarbon,   I was a bit too humbler there. You will never find anything as good as my diy ic`s are moore correct. Remember, I haven`t invented them, just "found" them years ago.  
The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance
The power cord is the major artery for the power supply, that`s why the last piece of cable is so crucial.  
Affordable cables
You are wrong there Steve. My simple diy ic`s are cheap but I can guarantee that you`ll never find anything better, they are perfectly clean. Only loss will be in the connections.  
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
Btw, all cd`s will sound cleaner if you first rip them to hd and the burn them back to cdr`s.  
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
..and add this: https://www.amazon.com/Stravinsky-Firebird-Borodin-Music-Prince/dp/B000003CSF  
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
This album: https://www.amazon.com/One-OClock-Jump-Count-Basie/dp/B000001VU3  
Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496
I am using it right now as a dac for my pc & tv. This cheap thing is simply one of the best dacs out there. It sounds of full bodied music and not dryed out hifi like most testwinner dac`s do. The downside is it`s build-quality, the powersuppl... 
Affordable cables
audiomaze OP51 posts12-12-2019 7:39pm"I can DIY if you would be so kind to send any info. ThanksTo clear: that is just what I am asking from "experience ". Some unbiased audiophiles can give an honest answer based on years of experience."Is ther... 
What’s the most badass $2k amp I can get?
How big is your room? My thoughts goes to find a good active sub.. 
Cable septic
tomic6013,245 posts12-13-2019 2:16am"@unfairlane Rober has some very fine wire in his system, got a good deal on silver Audioquest, so I would say he is already there....$500 cables aren’t the lunatic fringe to some... great IF one can get them ... 
Cable septic
roberjerman3,126 posts12-12-2019 7:41amWire matters little. Contrary to what the "golden ears" crowd claims! Buy some low-cost Kimber or Audioquest ICs and speaker cable and stop worrying! And don't fall for the b.s. that wire needs to "burn-in"... 
Affordable cables
 I happen to know how to make a reference IC for close to nuthin if you dear to diy  
A moderate priced dac
Try out this one, one of the few that really plays music unlike most hifi-dac`s https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DEQ2496--behringer-ultracurve-pro-deq2496  
Need advice
Used is a wery good idea. Do you know anyone who has a good balanced setup? If so mybe you can get some help to evaluate components there before you decide to buy.  
Phono Preamps with "balls" ?
"  A CD with a top DAC ( 32bits/384 khz.) and good overall design outperforms any phono stage it does not matters the phono stage price/pedigree ( including yours. ) in the bass " management " and this is not because your unit or other units are ...