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Let's talk power cords
 Why the last few feets of cable counts? Because the powersupply "sees" the ac through these last few feets of wire. It is like a blood.vein, the atreia that feeds the powersupply.And as we know; the quality of the powersupply defines the quality ... 
Interconnects and non-believers
Nelson Pass has a lot to learn on this topic.IC`s: 2xVivanco KX-710 pr lenght, only inner cores connected. Makes the ultimate* IC, rca or xlr. One single KX-710 makes the ultimate digital coax.*100% inaudibleToo bad I can`t upload pics here or I w... 
Solid core power cords under 300$ - List of manufacturers ?
jea48; Romex will outperform any manufactured PC 
Solid core power cords under 300$ - List of manufacturers ?
I`ve used solid core powercords for about 25 years. DIY, 12awg shielded. 9awg to poweramp. (big guy)They do not "do" anything, but they are the only PC without any loss, distortion asoBtw; speakercables should be made the same way, but needs to be... 
Best DIY power cable. Why not make?
Nothing but solid-core for the last 30 years in my system, no tiny threads like AQ/Nordost or whatever 
What digital cable between levinson 360s and 37?
ATT glass is good, the only thing that can beat slightly it is a Vivanco KX-710 coax 
Power Cables and Affects on Timing (and speed)?
Do you diy David? If so, try to make up some safe(!) powercords from +/-12awg solid core. About timimg, a well known trick in my area is to test the powercords polarity vs other components powercord, this can be heard specially in 3d and bass-timi... 
Diy interconnects RCA connectors.
I stumbled over a tv-coax years ago that has shown to be totally inaudible as an ic when used one lenght for + & -. It is the Vivanco KX-710. Tryed it up against a lot of top-ic`s, nothing comes really Close. A bit tricky to terminate, I prefe... 
power cables where do I start?
No stranded wire are close to be correct since stranded wires means distortion and (because of that) dynamic loss. This has nothing to do with directionality though. 
power cables where do I start?
Try out my advice folks, it`s free 
Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
chrisr; 10awg solid core is in the (minimum) area where it starts to happen, the amp seems to grow or open up, specially in the low end. Bi- or tri- wiring improves the top end further.  
power cables where do I start?
Stranded wires can`t give you clean power 
power cables where do I start?
 Try to diy some powercables mede from 12awg solid core. It might open your eyes 
Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
I discovered (step by step) how to make the ultimate no-loss speakercables back in the 90`s. The thruth is so simple that most "educated" audiophiles will not believe it.this also made me rebuild my powerap, replacing the trafos++Thick(!) clean so... 
1-Where did you hear the best ...
Visited a friend years ago, he has a modified old Jadis amped-system and wanted me to make up some speakers for him. Brought mine as a referense+my heavily modified Electrocompaniet AW DMB-250. (moore a DMB450 now)He also had a Oracle Delphi (MkII...