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14/4 wire for speakers- good idea? Bad idea?
Yep, the higher end manufacturers does it this way and they are all wrong. Who in their right mind would even think of using such tiny cablage to feed a poweramp? Then why in h**l use such tiny strands on the low voltage secondary site?   
Power cord length?
There will allways be a loss in any stranded cable, no matter of price. 
DIY Speaker wire
"08-27-12: KijankiGauge 10 has resistance of 0.001ohm per foot making 10' typical cable (both ways) 20x0.001= 0.020ohm while at the same time inductor in series with the woofer is likely to have 0.1ohm "- and what is the output imedanse of Your po... 
Do expensive cables/wires REALLY make a difference
Youre wrong Arctic.I have done this for decades, Guess I have to be concidered as a "golden ears"-guy but there is not much mystery to it, just a lot of practice and a wery clean, open system that reveals every little change.The clean, open system... 
What speaker cables to buy for my Krell s300i amp?
To this day I haven`t seen any commercial hifi-cable that`s capable of feeding a speaker without major dynamic loss. That`s why I`m using thick massive copper, and I mean thick. Just be aware that the copper will need about one hour of heavy massa... 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
Roadtripboy; Want to discover a new world? Make up some minimum 9awg solid copper things and give them some heavy masssage for about one hour before you starts to evaluate them.(If you don`t have access to 9awg or more 2-4 thinner is the next best... 
DIY Speaker wire
10awg is about enough area to feed a 5" mid. Thicker wires means lower resistanse = reduced dynamic loss.be aware that sc copper needs about one hour w. heavy bass-massage to open up, before that it sounds like crap.I`ve been doing this for decade... 
Speaker cable suggestion for Pass Labs XA30.5
heaviest solid core copper you can find, give it about one hour of heavy massage and it opens up, you`ll never look backspeakercables can never be "too big", only restricting power giving poor dynamics 
Review: Emotiva USP-1 Preamplifier
A lot of good info, but not too much about the actual level of soundquality. btw; it`s a bit too obviuos to claim it`s "good for it`s price" 
Beyma 12BR70 bass driver
that should be 12B70R? I can recommend 12B100R, superfast & clean 
Better XLR's
I`ve been usin Deltron XLR for decades, take a look inside the female plug and you might understand why 
How to isolate a refrigerator?
This is the only place I would recommend using a iso-trafo 
Is it possible to get Hi-end sound ??
Definetly, you just need do know how to do it.  
Stand out phono stages
a friend just swapped his battriaa for a Audion Premier phono stage. Half the price but twice the sound 
Speaker cables where to begin?
The best speakercables you can give any transistoramp are thick massive and as short as possible. Resistance are the enemy, try to find some really thick copper and give it a loud burn-in and you`ll never look back. Be prepared for a dynamic expe...