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FWIW, I personaly really like the bottom mounted cable posts. IMHO, they are an elegant solution to what otherwise would be a daily eye sore. Furthermore, it mitigates connectivity issues from curious children and pets, and the lessening of slack ... 
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@tomthiel Thanks for the prompt response. Most encouraging!:-)  
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@tomthiel, In your 1-16-2024 post you inidcated that your planned upgrades for the CS 3 and CS 3.5 would include the midrange and tweeter drivers of the CS 3.6. With this implementation will you be able to keep the minimum impedance of the CS 3 an... 
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
R.I.P. Trusted ears will be missed.  
Would you buy a pair of speakers by just looking at the measured freq. response?
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If I can add to @tomthiel ’s exceellent summary ot the CS 2’s; on numerous occsasions different individuals at Thiel Audio have commented that the CS 2’s were the most robust, reliable speakers Thiel has ever made. As a personal note, while the C... 
Should I Update My Krell KAV 250a ?
Krell updates are not inexpensive. IMHO, the KAV series are not Krell's best efforts. I think you would be better off moving up the line for a better platform. Ideally you might find such unit(s) that have alreeady been recently updated. .  
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
It depends on the speakers dispersion, room reflections, and listening position.  
Purifi v Gan amps?
^As I understand it the Magtech is basically a fully regulated Coda with more output at the expense of less intial Class A bias. For many users it appears that the improvements and  trade offs make for a better amp. It would appear that perhaps ev... 
What to do with a large collection
Classical CD's are apprreciated by me.  
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@duramax747 , I agree, the proportions are nonpareil.  
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@duramax747 , It would seem that you’re in a unique position to have the resources to get this right. I do hope you can post photos when completed.  
Thiel 2.4 Speakers & Krell KAV - 300iL
The Thiel CS 2.4’s don’t just dip below 4 Ohms, they live there from 100 Hz on. The KAV 300 il might have a Krell logo, but does’nt behave like typical Krells into such impedances, it’s only rated down to 4 Ohms. The Thiel CS 2.4’s are better suit... 
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I have my doubts as to whether outside paint shops could match the quality of OEM Thiels, especially when Tom Thiel was there.  
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@jafant,  Honestly I use the Adcom ACE’s mostly to offer more outlets. Years ago when I lived in a NYC apartment I used an earlier  though highly regarded older Adcom ACE version for the same reason. At that time I thought it might have helped wit...