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Setup Speakers Along Long Wall?
I typically prefer long wall speaker placement. Often long wall placement will improve bass response and provide a more spacious sound stage. There is one very important caveat; if the listeneing position now becomes close to the back wall, absorb... 
Krell anticipator circuits of the 1990s
I might be in over my head on this, and I really don’t know how Krell actually manages this, but I can imagine that if there was an opto-coupler at the amps input it could possibly alter the bias faster than the speed of sound and closer to the sp... 
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
Sometimes a direct seller is less likely to discount so as to avoid being accused of undercutting their secondary retailers. Sometimes returns are only accepted for replacements and not refunds. When dealing with a direct seller those replacment o... 
Kef Kube power supply
@klipschking , what model Kefs are you trying to add a Kube to?  
Threshold Stasis 5.0 preamp
Perhaps worth a try: About | vintageamprepair (wordpress.com) diyAudio    
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
McDonalds main business is real estate. McDonalds has demonstrated a pattern of increased profits during a downturn in the economy.   
Tuner choice
With regard to @harrylavo 's post, depending on your location and desired stations to be tuned in; besides sensitivity, selectivity can be an important spec consideration  
Thiel Owners
@fsgattuso, While I typically suggest going low at the cross-over point to subwoofers; with the CS 1.5’s I think you’ll need to go higher to reduce strain on the woofers. Perhaps to 65-70 Hz. BTW, I strongly suggest going with at least 2 subs rath... 
Affordable GaN FET amp from Peachtree Audio
Didn’t TacT do this decades ago? Doesn’t Lyngdorf still do it?  
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
While I really like this concept, of skipping what might be the superfluous conversion stage from PCM to analog (and to many, perhaps a most critical conversion stage) before ultimately being converted to PWM, @newbluesuit brings up an excellent p... 
Keep Vintage or sell for new
To expand on @fthompson251 's recommendation you might want to also consider: About | vintageamprepair (wordpress.com) A Threshold tech around when these units were made and endorsed by Nelson Pass.  
New Rotel Amp Vs Older Bryston, Krell, or McIntosh
Classe’ I see often paired with B&W.  
Keep Vintage or sell for new
If the job of a line stage is just to transfer signal and offer control, I don't think you'll find much improvement over the Threshold fet 10 HL. In that role, it is one of the all-time classic neutral devices. And the basic high build quality wit... 
Your experience/thoughts on Meadowlark speakers, esp., Kestrel, 2, hot rod. etc
IMHO, easier to drive but not as good as Thiels. YMMV.  
DHL and the definiton of insanity
Perhaps you can pick it up at DHL?