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The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
I have been in this hobby for decades buying and selling on Audiogon since it was started. For the most part my experiences have been positive. However, the “market” has changed over the years and to be able to run a profitable business on line th... 
Great Qobuz streamer. Upgrade from Bluesound Node 2
Bel Canto Stream is a nice choice 
Recommendations for high quality Streaming Audio:
Bel Canto STREAM with Qobuz app embedded in their own Seek App. $1600 for the STREAM (new) and $15/mo. for the Qobuz subscription. You will never look back my friend. 
Qobuz Special Offer
I just subscribed for the first time. A stone cold bargain. Period. 
Considering Harbeth C 7ES-3
I have owned many Spendor loudspeakers including the SP 2/3R2s as well as earlier versions of this model and can wholeheartedly recommend them. Actually, over the years this is the speaker I have come back to having owned and sold four pairs. Obvi... 
Possible new integrated amp for my new Focal Kanta's
I have heard these speakers with an Arcam A49 and it was a good match. In that situation they are not bright at all, but warm and full with excellent imaging. That being said, this is a very subjective hobby. It's what YOU like, not your dealer. J... 
Recommendations for a new integrated amp for Vandersteen 3a speakers
One reason the Belles matches up well with Vandersteens is because of the complementary “voicing” of the amp and speakers. It’s one key to any system’s success. Obviously this “match” is well known and well regarded in audio circles and should be ... 
My Cary amp - the story of a hum and a bug
I actually owned the "newer" model of this amp that had the bridge rectifier installed. It still had low level hum in one channel, so the issue is inherent in the design of the amp. I know this because I called Cary and discussed it with them. To ... 
McIntosh MA5200
I know this is an old thread but I just got a MA5200 and could not be more pleased with its sound quality driving a pair of Spendor SA1’s. Plenty of power, typically registering 10 - 15 watts on the meters, runs cool and sounds clear without any g... 
Most “disappeared” speakers.
Long gone - Fuselier, Fuselier, Fuselier 
Is There a Speaker for Me/Impossible Requirements? (budget: $2000)
Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 10 or Studio 20 (full disclosure I own a pair of the Studio 10’s).Non-fatiguing with excellent imaging and great bass performance for their size. A bit of a sleeper right now as their NA distributor recently changed to ... 
What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?
FuselierWent out of business many years ago but John’s speakers were way ahead of their time and in some ways remain SOTA. John recently passed away and I count it a privilege to have known him back when he was designing and manufacturing loudspea... 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
Here are the ones I can remember-Dahlquist DQ10Double Stacked AdventsFuselier Model 3, Model 3D, Model 5, Model 3.8, Model 2.6 and Model 2.5Focal/JM Lab (don’t remember Model, small two way tower)Spendor SP 2/3e (3 pairs over the years)Spendor 3/5... 
Music streamer with no DAC and no storage?
Bel Canto’s e.One Stream - $1599Nice! 
Streamer recommendations for dummies.
Bel Canto’s e.One Stream - $1599Nice!