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2-ways that are close to 3-ways
Jaybo - thanks. I do love both of my 2-way TL bookshelf size speakers. Just wish that I could get closer to the fuller sound of the Chorus II's without the size.It may just require trying one of the recommended speakers: Coincident, Sonist, or Van... 
Speakers for Rock Music
Klipsch KLF-20's or 30's, considered Klipsch best rock n' roll speakers. I can tell you that my 20's ROCK! 
2-ways that are close to 3-ways
Jax2 – I too am a big fan of the SET + horns. I really wanted to buy the Galante’s that are listed on A’gon right now but couldn’t afford them unless I sold a couple of things. Your insight as to options is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.T... 
SET amp suggestions 1000$ or Integrated 2500$
Have you or do you have the ability to listen to set-up's similar to what you're considering? Maybe there's somebody in your local area who would let you listen to their set-up.I love my Klipsch & John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B set-up.There's a John ... 
Are DAC prices reflecting sound quality?
Use reviews, past performance of the company's products, and core competencies as a point of departure.I've bought two DAC's that way and have been very happy with the results. The first was a Bel Canto DAC 2 and the one I currently own, an Audio ... 
does anyone service meadowlark speakers?
Just be careful, some parts are not so easy to replace. I ran into this problem trying to replace the no longer made BC14SG49-08. I know of a few others that are trying to replace one of these and can't find a suitable replacement. This is the mid... 
Horns for HT?
KLIPSCH all the way!!!The Arcam will be a great match with the Klipsch. If you didn't already have the Arcam, Sunfire is also a great match. Just don't try and pair up Adcom with Klipsch. 
Best power cord for Running Springs Audio -Haley
I'll second the Fusion Audio Enchanter on the power conditioner, I use one on my Audio Magic Matrix. 
Review: Fusion Audio Enchanter/Impulse Power cord
I too have an Enchanter PC (going from the wall to my Audio Magic power conditioner). It's a step up from the previous 10ga solid silver power cord I was using.I also have a 1.5m Interlocker terminated with the Cardas RCA's but they are not gettin... 
Buying late model Samsung DLP rear projection TV?
I bought a "display" model Samsung from BB for my HT. What a great deal and it's still going strong after 3yrs, although it doesn't get daily use, more like once a week. However, that started the "Samsung" buying spree. We bought another for our f... 
ICE amps vs analog amps for bass
As Guidocorona has already mentioned, it ultimately depends on how well it is implemented. I have a very special pair of Audio Magic Model 250 ICE-based amps and will NEVER let them go. Are they the "be all, end all" of amps...no...but I'm 100% su... 
More of a Tube Sound In a Tube CD player
If you want just a little tube sound/warmth and you alreay have two tubed CDP's, why don't you consider a SS CDP that is slightly warm.I would suggest you consider the EAD CDP, mine is exactly this. SS but is slightly warm but doesn't suffer from ... 
Eico HF-81 with Klipschorn
Eico HF-81 + Klipsch = Beautiful Music 
Interfacing Speakers & Stands
You can also try the little round cork stickers (they come in various sizes) that they sell at hardware stores. Cheap and easy. 
Sensitive enough speakers for low power SET