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Washington Post article - "Effects of Nanotubes...
I'm not referring to any specific audio products. I would assume that products that are being advertised with "nanotube" might be a product. I would defer the specific products to the manufacturers who refer to "nanotube" in their product.I was ju... 
Klipsch forte II what league are they in?
You haven't heard how good Klipsch speakers can sound until you've heard them with upgrade xovers. It's not even close! I liked my stock Klipsch speakers and lived with them that way for 6 years. I then upgraded the xover networks with better part... 
Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX Review Part 1 & 2
PART 2This is a review of the installation of another Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX device. Unfortunately, I was not able to put it in my 300B S.E.T. amp due to the lack of space and the fact that it doesn’t have a bottom plate. So the Pulse Gen ZX was... 
Speaker cable suggestion for new system
I really like my Pear Comice speaker cables. I think they are outstanding for the price. 
Next step in upgrading my home theater system??
What don’t you like as far as the audio goes right now? In other words, what would you like to improve?As far as the video is concerned, I think that is more straight forward, going to a BR player and 1080P TV or projector will be an improvement. 
WOW factor
1. Dedicated lines2. Upgrading speaker xover networks3. Tubes and S.E.T. 
Good, Affordable Horns?
In a 12' x 12' I would be perfectly happy with KLF-20's or Chorus II's and a SET or PP tube amp.I think you need to consider some of the other excellent offerings from Klipsch that use woofers for the lows.You really need to personally audition a ... 
Good, Affordable Horns?
I’ll comment as a Klipsch owner for the past 8 years, specifically the Chorus II’s and their successor, the KLF Legend Series (KLF-20’s). Both of these models can be bought for under $1K on the used market. I used them for a few years without modi... 
klipschorn modifications
Agree, Klipsch forums are the best source for detailed modifications.You have not heard how good Klipsch speakers are/can be until you've at least upgraded the xovers. 
Excellent affordable preamps keep springing UP
I love my Tube Technology Seer, may be hard to find because they are no longer in business but can be found second hand. 
What's your favorite remake of a song
Kimberley Locke's remake of "Band of Gold"Wham's remake of "If you were there"What about Garth Brooks covers of Chris Gaines songs. 
Inexpensive integrated to drive Klipsch
Agree with Aball, tubes are the best match for Klipsch. I would also recommend Plinius for SS. I paired a Plinius 8100 (has a remote) with my Chorus II's (bigger brother to the Forte's) and results were fantastic. As great as the Plinius was with ... 
Reaching the top and stoping
My list of things that I will not sell/trade:1. John Hogan 6sn7/27/300B integrated S.E.T. amp2. Audio Magic Matrix (completely custom modified by J. Ramsey/AM)3. H.H. Scott 222C (completely custom modified by C. Otsby/NOS Valves)4. Stan Warren cus... 
Audio Magic cables?
I used a pair of original AM Sorcerer speaker cables and I thought they were great. A very neutral cable. I have found the AM products to be really good and I'm happy (still using a couple Matrix power cords and a Matrix power conditioner). I thin... 
Affordable Power Cords
To Rick and everybody else at Virtual Dynamics,A sincere THANK YOU for your kindness, generosity and holiday spirit!Mike