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Big vintage speakers klipsch kg line
Viridian,If those Klipsch have the original xovers in them, upgrade them and then you will be able to hear the true potential of those speakers. Klipsch speakers go well beyond the next level of performance with some upgraded caps and resistors.It... 
speakers that rock
I would second the Klipsch RF-7's. I would also add the Klipsch KLF-20's & 30's. These IMO are even better rock speakers. 
Advice for upgrading my current amp.
Agree with Guido, the ICE-based amps are worth a listen. I have a pair of Audio Magic Model 250 ICE-based amps and love them. To put it onto perspective, I currently also own a John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B SET amp and two custom chip amps from Stan War... 
Who has dumped the power conditioner?
I have 2 dedicated 20amp circuits and added an Audio Magic Matrix power conditioner. The Audio Magic Matrix took everything to the next level and I've been incredibly happy with it in my system above and beyond having 2 dedicated 20amp circuits. 
DAC with the best midrange ever.....
Hey Mr. Tennis,You must be referring to the Exemplar DAC that you AGREED to sell me and then decided to be dishonest and unethical by not selling it. Interesting how you can post here while knowingly being dishonest and an outright liar.Your comme... 
HUGE Spacious Surrounds - The
RF-7's wired in mono for a center is a huge waste. Why don't you use the RF-7's as your surrounds, they would be much better used that way. RF-7's are killer speakers. 
Connector Suggestions
1) what connectors are on there now?A: No connectors on there right now.2) what about them are you trying/hoping to improveA: Just want to ensure synergy between the silver ribbon conductors and the male and female connections.3) what did you spen... 
I am sick of cables
I've accepted that I can't afford to change cables anymore, they are just way too expensive. I've finally settled on cables that I'm happy with and they didn't cost big dollars. 
Ice Block Amps
My ice-based mono-block amps are Audio Magic model 250's that are very tweaked and upgraded. My 300B SET is a John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B with all Webster OPT iron.My JH 300B SET - strenghts are a heavenly midrange, clarity, air, imaging and layering/... 
Ice Block Amps
I have a pair of ice-based mono-block amps and completely love them. They are not as magical in the midrange as my 300B SET amp but more than make up for it in the extremes (where the 300B SET doesn't do quite as well). If I had to choose between ... 
What is the Best Integrated tube amp you heard
My John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B SET amp. 
better mid's?
Yeah, what Dave said. 
Best $200 speaker cables for overall performance?
I would also put Pear Comice cables on your short list. 
Which is the most tubelike solid state amp around
I had a Plinius 8100 integrated amp and I thought it sounded warm and smooth like tubes but also had better extension on both ends. 
Looking for some cheaper Speaker Cables-$600 or so
I would also recommend Pear Comice speaker cable.