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Upgrading cd player
Don’t overlook.Esoteric should be on your short list too Good luck Willy -T  
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
This is not a hard question  Simply put musical more musical means  “more real or realistic” Good luck Willy-T  
Steely Dan UHQR
Part of this hobby is finding the definitive version of a particular  album. This is the definitive version of AJA Some folks want the definitive version no matter the cost and  some don’t. The album also won a Grammy in 1977 for Best Engineere... 
Anxiety help needed. New instal of Hana ML
Buy a Fozgometer and leave the guesswork behind  
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
Widex Moments are audiophile hearing aids designed for music first then speech    
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
Better off getting aids   
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
I have owners the Widex Moment 440 for about a year now  first tried Odicon in ears and they were horrible read Michael Fremers review of the Widex Moment  there aids only transmit what you are deficient in Also they have the lowest delay .3 m... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
Call Jason at the cable company and get several out of their lending library Good luck Willy-T  
The Audiophile Upgrade Easiest to Ignore
Not Widex Moment 440s They are the only design I’m aware of that the sole purpose in design is to improve music. You gotta trust me on this one  already took the journey read Femers review      
The Audiophile Upgrade Easiest to Ignore
Went through a similar journey I've been in bands  Seen tons of live shows  and hunted my whole life  I went and got my hearing test at age 59 and ended up buying a pair of Widex Moment 440s these were the only aids that only fed my Deficien... 
Bought a system without auditioning, thoughts?
Based on the components at the quality and price point all systems tat this level  sound good  learn to like it  killer components great cables room treatment and speaker placement are crucial Good luck Willy-T    
Digitally recorded vinyl vs streaming
Cutting vinyl from a digital source if done by top remastering engineers  Ryan Smith  CHris Bellman  Bernie ect… the digital to vinyl can absolutely improve the file that beats digital playback in most cases the vinyl reissue is typically be... 
Cardas vs Cardas vs Shunyata interconnects
Hello i have about 4 years living with all Cygnus cabeling and recently put in Clears from a Little Loco to JC2 preamp sound is incredible and emotionally engaging  At this level of cable they are all good   Good luck Willy -T  
Moving again...system finally complete...back to starting over
I would recommend looking at the Luxman Neo Classic amp table and cd player small but quality sound Good luck Willy-T  
Turntable Isolation Journey
I tried everything then got a steal of a deal on 6 Symposium Ultra platforms  and couplers These platforms drain mechanical and airborne vibration I have one under every piece of gear except my Focal Kanta II’s If you ever find these platforms ...