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End Game Turntable suggestions
I had a Pure Fidelity Encore And my Lyra Delos picked up rf noise from the motor  Tried several different arms same noise Good luck Willy-T    
Experiences with the Degritter RCM
Go to Talasonline.com and purchase Tergitol 15-S-9 and Tergitol 15S-3 I use 12-15 drops of each in a gallon 1/2 tank of distilled water  The Tergitol comes per pint and is dirt cheap last forever Good Luck Willy-T  
Experiences with the Degritter RCM
When I bought my ultrasonic machine i consulted with someone who washes record  for a living. He directed me to the Elmasonic P60H and a “record stack” rotisserie .This machine sweeps in two  klh.   30 and 80.  15 minutes of rotation  Then re... 
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
1) The Nightfly  2) Frampton Comes Alive  
Phono Stage Question.....
I’m running a Lyra Delos currently with the Little Loco II i went from the 20/20 for the last 3 years  and have had the little loco  for about 3 months.  There’s really no comparison This Little Loco was the biggest single improvement I have en... 
Cartridge setup experts: Azimuth critique
Buy a Fozgometer best money ever spent version 1 is fine Good lick  Willy-T  
Flat Screen Television behind speakers
I read the Jim Smith book and followed his recommendation of nothing between your speakers and honestly it was like  upgrading a component. Really big improvement.  Like said above less reflections the better Good luck Willy-T  
Advice? Less than $4k, solid state preamp, neutral to gentle
Parasound JC2 new or used  under $3000 killer value Good luck Willy-T  
Lyra Kleos arrives after eight months. . Worth the wait? First impressions
I would highly recommend a trans impedance (current) phono pre  over any conventional voltage  preamp I’ve ever heard . nist replaced a Sutherland land 20/02 with a Sutherland Little Loco  and the impact was greater than anything I’ve ever done... 
The character of analog and digital
Why do they keep saying “it sounds like vinyl” or “it’s really analog sounding” Nearly every format of audio is compared to vinyl im gonna stop there Good luck Willy-T  
Anyone who owns a Technics SU-R1000, can you answer a quick question
Ditto “too much gain” does produce  white noise hiss Good luck Willy-T  
Looking for Advice on Focal Speakers
Got ‘em from a small dealer in NC near me who took them in on a trade from the original owner They were 2 years old.  I’ve had them for about 3 months  They are not bright and really balanced   
Looking for Advice on Focal Speakers
My vote is for a pair of Kanta II’s i picked a pair for half of retail $5,500 and it has been the best choice I could  have made  powering with Parasound A21+  Killer combo good luck Willy-T  
Cabling Recommendations
Anything in the Cardas Clear line Go as far up as your budget will allow Good luck  Willy-T  
Why does rock concert sound suck?
In the last 30 years the trend for sound men /engineers think loudness and extreme bottom end are more important than clarity and quality of sound.   It ends up sounding like a muddy distorted mess The large venues are the worst and we’re paying...