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Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
I think with Page you have to start in the 60s and go through the Zeppline oeuvre. He had a good solid 15 years there. A good fairly long career. He hadn't really done anything since In Through the Out Door but for the most part he gave us 15 year... 
Best active speaker
When I look at the specs on the ATC 150s, I'm a little suprised. The 2 dB roll-off is at 60 Hz. The speaker is 4' high and 2' wide. Why don't they have better specs for their size? For comparison I have a pair of Aerial 5B bookshelf speakers with ... 
Best way to test your system?
Bjpd57a1, I promise I didn't read your post prior to the one I made on compression in the loudness thread! 
Computer Speakers Not made in China
What's your budget?If $200 to $500 then IMO you're best off with a People's speaker such as Audioengine (watch the annoying 6 dB bass bump) or M-Audio. If $2000 then check out Dynaudio 110A (would be my choice) and there's a few other higher end o... 
Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?
I found reducing stress, eating right, exercising, all that old-fashioned stuff helped my case. 
Best way to test your system?
Have you tried putting an OTA broadcast or a dvd through your main system? I don't have a HT. Just thought it was an interesting test. 
Fleetwood Mac
You gotta go stand outside The Plant and transport your mind back to 1976. Feel the vibe although the place wasn't in the best shape (shabby chic perhaps) last time I was there. There were some old couches and chairs outside in the rain. No, I did... 
New Eggleston Savoys ?
I love that comment: "I had a weak moment..." It happens in this hobby. :) 
Metheny show...who is excited?
I'd love to see Off-ramp performed. Don't really care as much for the other jazz-noodling. 
Aerial 8b,s or Vandersteen 3a sig.
Personally having heard both, I'd stick with the Aerials hands-down. Time-alignment as in the Vandys and well-known in Theils, looks much better on paper than in reality. 
Dac with very good tonefull bass?
IME, the bass sound is more related to the power amp than the dac. Since you're considering the BC DAC you might consider one of their amps. Also Krell amps have very good control of woofers. 
Most improved last 10yrs: Speaker, amp, or pre?
Performance - very little. Looks probably speakers. 
Should I do this now or wait...
I think you'd be a little nuts to put two x250s in a room. I had one and it threw off a ton of heat almost like a tube amp. My wife said "something's wrong with your new amp, it's burning up or something." It was literally warming up an 8' area ar... 
Bel Canto Ref1000 MK2 Or Ref 500m ?
I have both the 500s and ref500m's. I like both. I was told that the 500m was redesigned from the ground up since it was the lastest design Bel Canto made. They are a noticeable improvement of the 500s although the 500s sounds quite good. I exchan... 
The best speakers to pair with McIntosh MA7000 ?
Why do recommend Sonus Faber? I'm currently considering Sonus Faber Cremona (or maybe Liuta) vs. Focal Electra 1028 or 1038. Would like to hear your thoughts. I heard McIntosh on Focals and thought the highs were sublime and smooth (at least on th...