Responses from zappas

Service After the Sale
I've used Parasound equipment for years with no problems.  But the last email of mine was never answered.   
Thanks to all that responded. 🤗  
Thanks , but that wasn't the answer to my question.   
I stream 24/7. Do you?
Yes, streaming has been a game changer for me. Hardly listen to anything else.  
RIP J Eric Johnson
Sorry fuzzy, but you didn't read my title .J eric johnson with a highlight on the J.  
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
Bose 901's  
To Tone or Not to Tone, that is the question.
Sometimes you gotta do what sounds good to you.  
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
Keep buying Chinese,  they'll own us soon enough. FJB  
Bookshelf Speakers Sitting On Dual Subs?
They my shake right off.  
Buying Used Equipment on the Internet
I buy used often and had no problems other than UPS.  
Should I steer clear of class D amps
I use class D amps in all my car systems, but not in my homes.  
user poll on seperates vs integrated
Separates,  easier to change out if you ever want to upgrade it's cheaper. And I think amps should be separated.   
Vinshine/Alibaba..What to buy and where?
Aliexpress is hit or miss and good Lucke trying to return something to them.  
Ethernet opinions
Dam you people are making me look at an upgraded ethernet cable. I need to stop reading this forum. It's costing me too much money (LOL)  
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
+ 1 for Zappa. J Geils band Detroit Breakdown is another favorite.