Responses from zappas

I don't use ebay much, but when I had problems they were there for me.  
What to do with my legacy CD collection?
I went through this a couple of years ago.  Put them on Craigslist,  I had people wanting to see them. People would come to by my collection then they would low ball me or not show up then the worst of them would go through them a say could I buy ... 
Bose 901 VI flat?
As I remember  the eq and speaker placement are critical to enjoying these classics.    
Fee for home audition
Look elsewhere.   
Women Who Rock
donsimon76, finally someone posting real Rock women. Taylor Momsen of The pretty reckless sounds good too.  
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
66,and I listen to new music all the time.   
I would definitely use one.  
Streaming Services
Amazon high rez is the best overall deal.  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
Had a Sansui 90-90 ( I think ) in the late 70's sold it and went to Carver  separates  5 years later. The Carver blew the Sansui away. Really made my 901's sing.  
A public service announcement
I get high, have problems with food.  
UPS. Friend Or Foe?
Network optimization for serious streamers
I think the most important part of streaming is listening to it.  
Changes in my life, new system, need new speakers
Bose 901's  
Favourite Guitarists
+ 1 for Frank Zappa.  
USB yet again
+1 for USB