110" screen for JVC 3D projector

I need your thoughts on a screen for a JVC 3D projector going to buy this week or next .I'm looking for a 110" I've been looking at VUTEK silverstar and Screen Innovations Black Diamond thank you for input .
Its a dark room no windows and I did not think Swewart had a screen with a gain as high as 6 thought they had 1.5.to 2
5. I was told the higher the gain the better was I told wrong ?
I would take a Black Diamond over the Firehawk anyday. The Stewart is ok and all but the Diamond is a game changer so there just isnt any contest. Personally I dont think either should cost nearly as much as they do but again the BD is in another league, if you dont think so just check out demo video cause you wont feel the same after education on this product.
I think but I may be wrong that the higher gain projection screens can give you issues with viewing angle and the picture being brighter in the center than the outer edges.
Well that sucks I've been looking for screens with a high gain and I found the Silverstar with 6 gain I thought that was the screen for me . Well I don't want any hot spots I will start over with my search
If anyone can confirm this I would appropriate it thank you.
The place to get expert advice on screens is AVSFORUM, this is more music side of spectrum. Many of us have plenty of experience but trust me AVS is where the real theater info is. Cheaper screens with high gain are more prone to spotting so I would put more research into that rather than blind faith in one opinion. Not to say it may not be accurate just not enough is known.
No problem, as a member there also I can personally vouch for the great info on virtually every aspect of HT, the screen forum alone has well over 6000 topic posts and counting. Cheers
Well I installed the 110" silverstar yesterday and I have to say WOW.The combination of the JVC DLA-X3 and the silverstar is amazing 1080P and 3D looks as good as promised like a 110" plasma but better no hot spots at all even went as far as to shine a bright light at the screen and could not see anything could not see any lights from the room at all even on a black screen .